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Bonnie the Pawdorable Kitten Is Living Her Best Life Inside of an Animal Crackers Container


Ambition is a very attractive trait to have.


It's important to surround ourselves with ambitious people so they can push us to be our best selves and live our best lives.


Obviously, nobody can be so positive and motivating, but a little bit of encouragement definitely goes a long way. Anyone who's ever felt a little far from their end goal would probably agree.


And hoomans are not the only ones bursting with ambition and purpose, sometimes the true masters of willpower are the little fluffy buddies we keep in our home.


Think about the determination any dog has to get food off of their hooman's plate? They will try any and all forms of persuasion they know. And think about how hard a cat is willing to work to get a bug off of the wall? We swear they will jump 5 times their height and it's always impressive.


Today, we share with you Bonnie.


Meet Bonnie


This gorgeous little cheddar kitty has a whole lot of personality. And her hooman, @_lanye, shares plenty of pawdorable videos of her for all of us to see.


One video, in particular, took all of our hearts. And that is one of Bonnie living her best life inside of an animal crackers container.


Clearly, she had a goal, and she achieved the heck out of it.


Let's Watch


People could not get enough of Bonnie after this viral video!


Here are some of the best comments we saw:


Man’s is lost in the sauce

orange cat behavior -orange cat parent


Don’t worry cat, I do it too😪

cat was like: 😻

ginger cats r just built differently- a ginger cat owner

Tiktok asked if this was helpful and honestly… yes, yes it was




People demanded more Bonnie content, and Laney thankfully delivered


Bonnie's Intro


Here's another Bonnie Video, just because we're feeling generous.


More Bonnie


We strive to match this kitten's level of ambition. One day!


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