Bride Jokingly Requests Lord Farquaad from ‘Shrek’ as a Stripper for Her Bachelorette Party, Bridesmaids Accept the Challenge and Book One


My breath is just taken away by this. Wow. Everything deserves an applause. The bridesmaids really said, “oh bet????” 


TikToker Victori Ann usually is known for her equestrian content, but recently took a little break to celebrate her marriage. She posted content of her getting ready for her wedding etc. One of the most fun parts of getting married is having bachelorette party. You just sit back, tell your bridesmaids your conditions, and then let them figure out the rest. It's not a joking matter. So when Ann jokingly mentioned she wanted a Lord Farquaad stripper at her bachelorette party, her bridesmaids took it seriously. Ann was just joking around, but her bridesmaids really pulled through. 



“…yes, this is a true story.”


Ann had no idea that they were actually going to pull off a spectacular stunt like that. I mean, who knew strippers came as Lord Farquaad?? If he offers that character, I wonder who else is available… 


Ann walked into her bachelorette party looking all dolled up and excited to have some fun with her bridesmaids. She was enjoying the general splendor of the entire party, which everyone dressed up for and there were balloons and champagne and everything she dreamed off. Her bridesmaids told her they had a little surprise set up for her in the bathtub, and when she pulled back the curtain she immediately walked away to have a laughing fit. In her shock and awe, there he was—the Lord Farquaad stripper with tiny legs and everything. 


Lord Farquaad Stripper Reveal


The stripper wore the outfit Lord Farquaad is wearing in Shrek and had makeshift tiny legs strapped on to him to emphasize just how much of a “short king” Lord Farquaad was. This amazing stripper even went above and beyond and brought his own acoustic guitar and had written a song just for Ann. You better believe he serenaded her as Lord Farquaad with his song AND gave her a great lap dance. It's hard to strip when you have fake legs strapped on to you, but he made sure to make use of them in his dance. Ann looked hella awkward, but it's a night she definitely will never forget. 


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