Paralyzed Pit bull Gets a Second Chance Thanks to The Wheelchair Her Dad Built

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Meet Alex, she's just like every other dog and thanks to her wheelchair her dad built her, she can do it all! Alex, an outgoing and adorable ray of sunshine was in an unfortunate accident when she was just a pup. The accident left her paralyzed. But her parents did not give up. They went above and beyond to create the perfect wheelchair for Alex so too can do everything and anything.

And through it, all her dad (aka owner) decided that every dog deserves a second chance and started creating custom made wheelchairs for dogs in need. And thus, Alexitabull - wheelchairs for dogs, was born. They "consulted with rehabilitation experts and applied their knowledge of woodworking and manufacturing, they were able to create a wheelchair made of lightweight, durable material, that can handle any terrain safely and reliably. Adjusting wheelchairs for dozens of handicapped pets, they've gathered the knowledge to answer the needs of those suffering from a wide range of mobility difficulties. Whether its old age, trauma or they're just born with it, your pup can have a full, happy life with just a little bit of help."

We know, we know. Our hearts are so full too! 

Alexitabull is also on Instagram

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