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Police Hunting Man Who Escaped From Goldeneye 007

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    Photo Taken at the Scene

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    this guy rn
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    The Police Drawing

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    This guy right here is the guy who mashes the reset button on the console when he's losing.
    The guy who sits in that corner the Body Armor with the automatic shotgun.
    The guy who camps the golden gun and runs around one-shotting your ass.
    The guy who picks Oddjob and spends the whole match crouch gliding around the map like some tiny blob from hell.
    That one friend who dual wields the RPC-90 and jams on the fire button for 20 minutes straight, ensuring you're going to be helplessly knocked back, permanently.
    He's that guard with the sniper on Dam 007 difficulty that has 100% accuracy.

    But as much as we like to have fun here, we need to keep it real for a second. This guy is actually wanted by police in Australia for an attempted carjacking so if you have any info please visit the link to the departments Facebook page below
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    With that out of the way, here are some wholesome Goldeneye 007 Memes for your pleasure.
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    Shaken, Not Stirred

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    Goldeneye AK47 Totally Looks Like Duracell Battery

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