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Lovely Photo Album Ideas For Cat Lovers

  • 1

    Bringing your kitty home

    Cat - Keaganed

    Bringing your new best friend home will be filled with memorable moments. You'll look in awe as your new cat explores, sniffs, climbs and chases everything in sight. Pictures of this special day can't go undocumented. 

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  • 2

    From a tiny kitten to an adult cat

    Room - MERLIN

    If you've captured your cat's evolution from a tiny playful kitten into a majestic adult, then you have the perfect materials to make the most heartwarming photo album.

  • 3

    Birthday celebrations

    Party favor - THE RED DOT A POEM FOR WHISKERS It evades me. But still I persist. It chases me. I resist. It climbs up the wals. I cannot pursue. But on the carpet is where I rule. I almost had it Or did it have me? The little red dot My greatest enemy COOD

    There is nothing more precious than your cat in a party hat enjoying their very special birthday cake.

  • 4

    Quirky traits and behaviors


    Your kitty's special traits are the perfect inspiration for a very quirky photo book. This will make for your most entertaining photo project yet.

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  • 5

    Funny cat thoughts and quotes

    Cat - livir ruy bst laves

    Get creative and have some fun by matching your cat's "thoughts" to their most annoyed, surprised and delightful expressions.

  • 6

    Celebrating the special bond between cats and kids

    Cat - Thankful

    Cats and children can form the most adorable of friendships. Sharing so much in common only makes for a sweet display of kinship — both are curious to no end, get into the most peculiar predicaments and love exploring their surroundings.

  • 7

    Holiday moments


    When the forecast calls for Halloween costumes or sprigs of mistletoe, do you include your pet in the festivities? Whether you give your cat jingling stocking stuffers or you dress him up in holiday gear, collect all those holiday-themed photos and create a heartwarming photo album to enjoy throughout the year.

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  • 8

    Outdoor Adventures


    Cats enjoy the outdoors and whether they are free to roam or leash trained, capturing their excursions outside will make for a nice album.

  • 9

    Weird sleeping position


    Whether they are sleeping stretched out in the warm sun or curled up in the cool kitchen sink, there is no question these moments will make for a compelling photo book.

  • 10

    Playtime album


    Pictures of your cat on the verge of pouncing on its favorite toy or in midair trying to catch that red dot are great photo album ideas.


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