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Pet of The Month: Leo, 10-Week Old Kitten, in Need of Emergency Leg Surgery

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    Rescuers believe that Leo was plucked and later dropped from a significant height by a hawk!


    Leo, a 10-week old kitten, was luckily found and rescued by the kindness of amazing people working together and dedicating themselves to rescuing animals in need.

    Nadine, from Rhode Home Rescue (a rescue which usually deals with dogs), which stepped in to help and save Leo, told Waggle "The vet thought at first he was hit by a car, but the only thing wrong with him is his front two legs are broken. He was found alone with no other kittens around, and no mother. They believe he was picked up by a hawk which happens quite often."

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    Nadine immediately stepped in to help after she heard about Leo's case.


     "I was horrified. They think he was probably dropped because cats land on their feet, and he would have taken the brunt of his fall on his front legs," she told Waggle. "For some reason, that cat tugged at my heartstrings. I named him Leo because I'm a Leo. He looks like a grumpy cat, but he's super sweet."

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    Because of the significant height of the drop, Leo's front feet took most of the shock and he now needs surgery


    Leo's two front feet need emergency surgery. The surgery will be held at the Byreview Veterinary Clinic, and as for the procedure the medical team is said to "insert pins into one of his legs to hold the bone in place, and the other leg will be splinted."

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    Leo isn't an ordinary kitten.

    Cat - urs

    He is unique. He has a fighting spirit and is filled with love and joy. He's playful, cuddly, and all-around just a pure awwwdorable joy. 

    Leo is a fighter and continues to fight forward, but he still needs help!

     To make a donation visit: https://wagglefoundation.org/donations/icanhascheezburger-leo/

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