Random Memes For The Desperately Bored

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    Astronaut - Always has been. Wait, Jim is asian? adar DUNDER MIFFLIN DUNDER KFFLIN
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    Room - | am the night that lasts forever.
  • 3
    Product - Mom: When are you having kids? Me: 3,49 C
  • 4
    Face - Me: *opens email* Email: "Can you please give me a call?" Me: @nottoopretty
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    Text - clean slate @PleaseBeGneiss The fact that electric eels exist is insane. Like they have superpowers?? Where is that origin story? At some point a long fish got bit by a radioactive pikachu there is simply no other explanation in my mind. 11:21 AM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Twin Dad @TwinSurvivalist If baseball stadiums are going to use cutouts of fans, they really need to put a few on toy train tracks and have Macaulay Culkin moving some of them with some string. 7:38 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
  • 7
    Child - The circle of life is so beautiful @tank.sinatra
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    Text - Mitten d'Amour @MittenDAmour "But you can't hide at home forever" Sounds like the easiest, most enjoyable challenge ever thrown at my feet. 2:51 AM · 7/25/20 · Tweetbot for iOS
  • 9
    Facial expression - 7 year old me when grandma makes cookies 15 years old me when grandma makes cookies
  • 10
    Heat - Yes, yes, let it burn
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  • 11
    Animated cartoon - person: what is your aim in life? me: uhhh gain knowledge and study a lot but what I truly want:
  • 12
    Text - When your favorite person sends you a text
  • 13
    Job - I don't usually tell dad jokes But when I do he laughs
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  • 14
    Face - Schools saying it is untrustworthy Wikipedia, trying to make knowledge accessible to everyone
  • 15
    Photo caption - When a scammer asks for your email ...tell him to e-mail me at www-dot-ha-ha-not-so-much-dot-com!
  • 16
    Text - When someone questions your choice of summer reading material Well, we can't all be reading the classics, Professor High Brow.
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  • 17
    Hair - When you leave the store with $150 of groceries and realize you forgot the one thing you came for
  • 18
    Sculpture - How it feels when your friends leave you behind when you tie your shoes
  • 19
    Face - UCK ON THE TONIGHT IVHEEL at VESETIAN THING The Audience "Say it"
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  • 20
    Drink - A Woman Chugged an Entire $200 Bottle of Cognac Rather Than Give It to Airport Security ladytabularasa Not all heroes wear capes
  • 21
  • 22
    Text - Morgan 5 1 Finkelstein @momofink There are only two responses to "I like your dress": Thanks, it has pockets!! Thanks, I just wish it had pockets
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  • 23
    Text - Ahmad @BIkMamba · 1d Just found out my coworker is a antivaxxer.. we're microbiologists O 1,271 LI 54.7K 456K JS @foamtherunway Replying to @BIkMamba I work with a flat earther... at an airline. 13:13 · 23 Jul 20 · Twitter for Android
  • 24
    Cat - Landlord: I didn't know you had a cat. Me: What cat? refreshe SPRING MATER refreshe PIRGEOT WATER réshe SPRING WATER 24 24 Sigps re SP he FR
  • 25
    Text - Ron Iver @ronnui_ I'm shocked every four years when for some reason everyone I know is an Olympics expert. I'll go to a party and everyone's like "Brazil's sailing team is phenomenal this year" 1:46 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for Android
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  • 26
    Child - When you touch a wet piece of food in the sink
  • 27
    Text - Vision Bored @VisionBored1 Sent my husband nudes and he asked when I got that tattoo l've had for 10 years 7:47 AM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
  • 28
    Text - tom @pilau A woman's place is in the kitchen, so she can taste this delicious carbonara | am making 10:14 AM · 7/24/20 · Twitter Web App
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  • 29
    Photo caption - coochielations 1:69 @faithwithanf before you slide in my DMs just know when i take my clothes off i look like this 5:41 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone 17
  • 30
    Text - Sara Says Stop @PetrickSara It's physically impossible for me to make tea and remember that I made tea. Once it begins to seep, so does my brain. 7:35 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
  • 31
    Text - Shenanigans @Shenanigans_luv · 7h "The poem never says humpty dumpty was an egg" has the exact same energy as "actually frankenstein is the name of the doctor" ) 3 278 ♡ 72 Adam Cerious @Browtweaten |call it ruinergy 7:32 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for Android
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  • 32
    Text - Anecdotal Birthcontrol @AnecdtIBrthCtrl Kind of want to lose weight, kind of want to wear fat pants and eat warm buttered rolls dipped in gravy 2:55 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for Android
  • 33
    Product - When it's Sunday but everyday is Sunday and you just don't know how much more of doing nothing you can take @tank.sinatra
  • 34
    Text - Me watching my son drop his iPad in the toilet after I specifically said "Do not drop that iPad in the toilet"
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  • 35
    Lion - When you fall asleep on the beach, wake up, and have no idea what the hell is going on @tank.sinatra
  • 36
    Adaptation - When you share an article on Facebook after reading the title only Knowledge is Power
  • 37
    Photo caption - Me defending my lack of quarantine hobbies METROPOLIS It is perfectly fine to watch TV all day.
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  • 38
    Text - mark @TheCatWhisprer Just got dizzy and almost threw up because of the way the camera panned back and forth in a commercial. Middle age is hardcore. 8:47 AM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
  • 39
    Text - Professional Worrier @pro_worrier_ It's like magic when someone tells me not to worry and then POOF my worries are gone just like that. 6:01 PM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
  • 40
    Text - Priscilla @itsPKav I think people are really going to miss quarantine so after all this is over l'm gonna open a coffee shop that only serves lukewarm half cups of coffee hidden in a messy living room setting 10:27 AM · 7/24/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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  • 41
    Text - tatum @50FirstTates me: [just standing there] my cat: i will circle u rubbing my entire body on ur legs me: [reaches to pet cat] my cat: ru fuckIng kI d dIng me u mo the r f ucker who s aId u co uld touch me 8:36 AM · 7/24/20 · Twitter Web App
  • 42
    Text - JP @JPLFR80 It's getting harder to feign interest in conversations that don't involve cheeseburgers 10:59 AM · 7/22/20 · Twitter Web App
  • 43
    Text - Melanie Gibson @lmMelanieGibson I say we change the word fuck to duck and show autocorrect who's really in charcoal around here. 6:59 PM · 7/23/20 · Twitter for Android
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  • 44
    Text - Ali Jordan @Ali_jordan1 Do you get anxiety going new places not knowing the parking situation or are you normal?
  • 45
    Text - Rachel McCartney @RachelMComedy Motto last year: do one thing each day that scares you Motto now: do one thing each day
  • 46
    Footwear - I think humans have peaked IG: memes_supplier Star unistor
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  • 47
    Surgeon - Laughter is the best medicine
  • 48
    Text - me leaving sephora after sampling 12 moisturizers
  • 49
    Text - maybe we can do one thing today? half a thing? fine. dear diary, today I got half dressed' 'dear diary, today my friend started investing in himself again, one trouser leg at a time' how sad. how great @Swatercoloum


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