25 Times Overbearing Parents Took Their Concern To Amusing Heights

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    Text - baby spice @gardenofstarss Replying to @rfarawi_ the day I almost died Sana where R U? five guys be back soon Who are they? I am calling you home Don't talk to me ever again batameez mom it's food Delivered K 2:44 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Siv @chocosiv Replying to @rfarawi_ this is how my mom calls everyone from the four corners of the house for food coming For Lunch Sat, May 23, 3:49 PM M Daddy Sun, May 10, 5:31 PM Come now Mommy Coffee for all Sivani??? Come coming One Sun, May 24, 12:10 PM Come Daddy Come All Come Here ye iMessage iMessage Pay Pay 12:21 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Siv @chocosiv one more 3:45 1 l LTE 4 MD 3 People > Sat, Jul 18, 8:46 PM Mommy Here ye here ye One and all M yes ? Mommy Dinner is announced coming Daddy 5min. Bath Mommy Please make your presence here. Tuesday 9:40 PM Mommy Come For Dinner Here Ye coming iMessage Pay 12:46 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - زرين @ZareenAyshaa Replying to @rfarawi_ Thad to go back in the archives for this one...But I told her l'd leave by 9PM and she sent this Mom Feb 19, 2018, 9:06 PM 11:55 AM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - khaldiya @dede_yassin Replying to @rfarawi_ It's the two spaces before stupid for me 159 Mama > Where are you I'm getting boba with my friends Ok that's enough come back Ok I am What are you doing stupid 10:36 AM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - kashifa @kashifaarif Replying to @rfarawi_ my mom Sun, Jul 19, 3:39 PM You coming home what time your Hungry bro waiting Sun, Jul 19, 4:57 PM Please reply my blood pressure up i'm coming 12:25 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - FXCA THEM @blackcindy Replying to @rfarawi_ that one timelaccidentally butt dialed my mom when I was out at a club Feb 16, 2019, 12:42 AM Hi Cindy, did you call me I pray the Almighty God to cleanse that place where you are Feb 16, 2019, 2:33 AM Yeah sorry my phone did by accident. But l'm ok 2:28 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - magda @pizzawonders Replying to @rfarawi_ are you coming home today ? maybe ok two week quarantine in the garage 63 Zyggy > Sat, Jul 11, 11:35 PM Wracasz dzisiaj do domu może Ok Dwa tygodnie Kwarantanny w garażu 11:38 AM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - erin @irinb00 Replying to @rfarawi_ i said i wanted to go hang out with my friend instead of staying home all day ... Sun, Apr 5, 6:04 PM what's the reason u hate us so badly??? 7:45 AM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - yaya @badgalyoyo Replying to @rfarawi_ Jul 30, 2019, 2:31 PM Mommy Fri, Jan 17, 12:30 PM Hi Yohana I got a text message can you call me back that's from the doctor Yohana if you don't call me l'm going to call 911 and find out what's wrong I called yesterday I called you today you're not answering your phone iMessage Pay 12:35 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Lex Luthor @LexWili Replying to @rfarawi_ Thave never met a person so dramatic 186 Раpа I would like some assistance with my password for the app store Just saw this You still need help? Tue, Aug 6, 6:27 PM I need help with with the app Where are you Come come; I have fallen, and I can't get up Are you coming or not Well, you have sent me to my grave I will see you on other side 7:32 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - nic @nicananti Replying to @rfarawi_ At least she greeted me first. Yesterday 12:10 AM Hey how can you stay out till 12mid night. Are you a street girl. Come home immediately. iMessage 1:59 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Hadeel @SpokenHadeel The arabic question marks hit different tbh 1:33 | LTE 95 F Father > Driving ??? !!! ... Wn u coming 11:35 PM · 7/25/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - bacalaíto @itsastickyone Replying to @rfarawi_ the best part is she never answered when i called 9:35 The REALEST odisea please call when you getting tired of abandoning your family i didn't abandon my family i have to work i will call you soon te quierooooooo0000 mentirosa if you love me you answer phone i can't answer at work ma i'll get in trouble porque el trabajo es más importante que tu madre, ¿verdad? no mama i will be home late i no care cabrona ? hice mofongo iMessage Pay
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    Text - hasnan #FreeKashmir @pvkiblinder mama with another one Mar 27, 2019, 11:12 PM where are you Hasnan shah call me don't use ur ph that much that your battery gets down. Tanzil house Phone is dying driving home why are you homeless Love you 12:25 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - rushi @RushiSoni97 ROUN Replying to @rfarawi_ Dad thought it was necessary to send our home address to remind me where I live 15:26 1 28 Umesh > iMessage Sat, Apr 18, 23:07 When you coming home ? Later finishing homework Read 4/18/20 70 1:33 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - & poisoned my toothbrush! @1pinkfridayy Replying to @rfarawi_ Anesu why do you leave the house so late look mum i'm not posed to tell u this but ima superhero 100 Delivered 1:38 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - sifu hotman @sickofSaasha Replying to @rfarawi_ | would like to present... Haitian moms. Don't even get me started on the vms. don't even live at home btw). So what are you up to today? Still not home? 1 Are you with those people you found and call your family? 1 1:46 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Danny @NotRayDalio Replying to @rfarawi_ l Verizon ? 2:11 PM 1 0 * 47% D Dad before it ges cold Delivered I told u need to come home now that is enough Haven't u had enough Haven't u had enough I need to read the Bible now Your cloth in the laundry room U been out since 8 Have some respect U are not going to answer Today 2:09 PM Don't ever boil an egg in the microwave, it will explode in your face and blind you. iMessage Pay 1:36 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - () ITS LEO SEASON BITCH () @amars_innit Replying to @rfarawi_ my dads latest one 22:08 Dad > Fri 3 Jul, 23:00 coming Don't come Door closed 2:12 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - S @oxtailqueen Replying to @rfarawi_ Jamaican Mothers 1:24 1 Twitter 88 Mom <> Where are you In the kitchen. Where are you? I am home like I should be...not running the streets I've been home since 11:30 So why are you in the kitchen And not in your bed I came down because I wanted a piece of chocolate with apple juice Diabetes Text Message Pay G w ERTYUI Q W A DF G H J K L Z X C V B N M 123 space return 3:26 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Sahar Mojo @SaharMujaddidi Here's another one for y'al. I love you 11:36 1 I heat you Fri, Mar 20, 8:10 PM Mother *> Where If you still in office print my paper Park Not in the office anymore. But l'll be he How you get my Massge bc I blocked you soon I told you to come Sahar just for once listen to me Do you lied to me from beginning you didn't have any meeting Pay I'm blocking you and ata 8:45 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - youngmay @may_okoro Replying to @rfarawi_ 15 Oof > Sun, May 17, 9:05 PM I know you don't want to hear die anything but remember if you remember your mom tried her best to help you but you refused.. ok LMAOOOim at work Sent as Text Message What Sent as Text Message I can't even be on my phone rn Sent as Text Message I'll call you when I'm done Sent as Text Message 12:39 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Jojo @JoelleAlexia Replying to @rfarawi_ Lol she loves to ask me haveI moved out Im at a bbq with Tamia now Mommy Ok Ok I put it in Sun, Jul 12, 11:19 PM On U coming home tonight? Ok No I'm at Tamia's U staying at Tamia? Tuesday 1:43 AM U move? Yea, we just got back from the bbq Literally parking in the back Ok Open the door Text Message Oh ok Dov 12:18 PM · 7/27/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - لينا @eseatiger Replying to @rfarawi_ I think I win Baba e Baba even chickens go back to their coop before getting dark there is a reason for it Omg okay l'm leaving right now 12:23 PM · 7/26/20 · Twitter for iPhone


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