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Incredible Rare Black Leopard Spotted At An Indian Reserve

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    Abhishek Pangis, an engineer student on his first safari trip in India, captured the most stunning images of the rare black leopard.

    Wildlife - © Caters News Agency
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    "I hadn't seen anything so beautiful, I was completely stunned. Usually people have seen it around for two or three minutes but I was very lucky as I could see it for 40 minutes," Pangis tells LADBible

    Terrestrial animal - © Caters News Agency
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    " I witnessed it drinking water from a pond, marking its territory and stalking langurs and monkeys. It was a brilliant experience," Pangis continued.

    Vertebrate - © Caters News Agency
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    It was 113F (45C) outside when the black leopard was spotted, in need of water.

    Mammal - © Caters News Agency
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    The beautiful dark coat is caused by "melanism." Melanism is when extra black pigments develop in the skin, hair, due to a recessive genetic mutation.

    Mammal - © Caters News Agency
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    Another wildlife photographer, Mithun Hunugund, at the Kabini, Karnataka reverse in India, captured this once-in-a-lifetime photo of a female leopard being shadowed by her black panther partner.

    Terrestrial animal - © mediadrumimages/MithunH/@mithunh
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