One Man's Search for a Dog Meme Really Brought the Internet Together

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    He Just Wanted to Find This Picture

    Text - brad esposito @braddybb Follow Can someone please send me the photo of that dog that is looking nervous to the side, but in a funny way. The dog is like a caramel colour.
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    So He Turned to Twitter

    Text - brad esposito @braddybb Follow please god someone help me find the dog.
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    And So Many People Tried to Help!

    Dog - Cates Holderness@catesish 13h @braddybb brad this is killing me is it this dog
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    Dog - Cates Holderness @catesish 13h @braddybb
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    He Even Offered Some Clarification

    Dog - brad esposito @braddybb its this kinda dog
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    Text - brad esposito @braddybb 17h braddybb 10:47 AM the owner was like accusing the dog of something and the dog, did not wish to be accused 47and it was nervously looking at the camera michelle 10:47 AM you're talking absolute shit
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    And So The Search Continues

    Dog - Mason McCann Follow @AhMcCann @braddybb ???
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    Dog - mince pie @lucierobson @AhMcCann @braddybb
  • 9
    Dog - mince pie @lucierobson @AhMcCann @braddybb is this it
  • 10
    Dog breed - mat whitehead @matwhi Nov 30 @braddybb 126 1 93 brad esposito @braddybb Nov 30 @matwhi nope . 33
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    Dog - Cates Holderness@catesish 13h @braddybb brad esposito @braddybb 13h @catesish nope :(
  • 12
    Dog - Kendrick LaMarx @OliverCarle 17h @braddybb maybe? 1 t14 74 brad esposito @braddybb 17h @OliverCarle nop
  • 13
    Dog - illy bocean @llyBocean 17h @braddybb is it this doog h 2 t10 62 brad esposito @braddybb 17h @IllyBocean no 9 27
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    But Finally... Success!

    Canidae - R(hiannon)eindeer @FalseDanHowell 7h @braddybb is it this? (Just without the text) WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO ACT "OK" BUT ARE BOTTLING SO MUCH PAIN 1 3 brad esposito @braddybb7h @FalseDanHowell yes t1 3 7
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    Dog - brad esposito @braddybb Follow folks,
  • 16
    Text - brad esposito @braddybb Follow thankful for my followers and non followers alike who helped solve the Great Nervous Looking Caramel Dog crisis of 2016
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    Dog - brad esposito Follow @braddybb and the whole STUPID reason i wanted the photo of the dog was to do this tweet, but now its too late.
  • 18
    Face - brad esposito @braddybb Follow i maintain that it is the perfect dog reaction though. it works with everything.
  • 19

    And Even Though The Dog Has Been Found, People Just Keep Giving!

    Corn dog - brad esposito Follow @braddybb Jesus Christ @clcerrillo hi I know you think you found the dog but may I ask you to reconsider 7:12 pm
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    Product - brad esposito Follow @braddybb hell Hi bred. I know u have found ur doggo but I think this perplexing pupper will do u a excitement 7:36 pm Is this it 7:36 pm


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