I Can Has Cheezburger?

New Zealander Of The Year: Mittens The Cat A Candidate

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    The Royal Highness himself -- Mittens!

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    Mittens obtaining the key to the city of Wellington

    Cat - Mittens His Floofiness
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    "Popular feline personality Mittens spent Wednesday at the Michael Fowler Centre, sleeping inside one of the theatre's offices."

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    "Was visited by Mittens today while at a sewing class. He just napped."

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    Cat - Brían McDomhnaill @Xaphriel I missed my bus to work, so l'll be a little late in today. But I've got a good reason #Mittens #Wellington #HailTheKing
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    "Was feeling a bit off this morning and nearly called in sick. Glad I didn’t because today was the day His Royal Highness decided to grace my humble desk with a long nap… and then he helped himself to my water. Best. Day. Ever.--

    Cat - SAMSUNG SHD 4

    As he was sleeping he left a puddle of drool on my paperwork. Framing that, obvs.""

  • 7

    "Almost came off my bike when I saw him but it was bloody worth it."

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    "The third date with Mittens….he walked me home like a true gentleman…had a nightcap….and jumped straight into my bed…such a Casanova!!!!"

    Cat - ...
  • 9

    "Mittens came for his 2nd visit to Kitomba within a week. We're on the 7th floor in Eagle Tech House Victoria St. As you can see, his royal highness is holding an audience with his round table... Never seen a group of guys be so smitten"

    Floor - GHOTIN colvin es.
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    "Mittens graced us with his presence during a video shoot by the civic square"

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    "I found Mittens on the Cuba street! Lol"

  • 12

    "Mittens is currently having a nap in Crumpet"



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