Profile Pics Women Shouldn't Use On Dating Apps: Tips And Tricks

  • Duck Face Selfies

    Blond - D: 1-4, R N. LOPEZ: 2-2, 2 28, 2 BB BAILEY: 4.1 IP, 8 H, 5

    The epidemic that is the 'duck face' has unfortunately taken over the planet. Girls think they appear to be playful and sexy, but in reality, it comes off as slightly desperate and attention-seeking. A nice smile is a perfect alternative to a cheesy or angry-looking kissy face!

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  • Yoga Poses From Too Far Away

    People in nature

    Oh, you do yoga? Great. Put it in your interests, and replace this with a clear and recent picture in which someone can actually see what you look like. 

  • Pictures With Exotic Animals

    Perhaps these types of photographs would be somewhat interesting if they weren't so obnoxiously prevalent. For a guy, it seems like every girl in the digital dating world has a picture cuddling a Siberian tiger, African Bush elephant, or a god damn Woolly Mammoth. Besides the fact that these animals are cruelly beaten and sedated solely for your pleasure (or likes on Instagram), it's basic as f*ck.

  • Car Selfies

    Vehicle door

    Why? Why are these even a thing? A wise man once said, "It's like you literally got into your car and thought, 'Damn, I look so good today, I better let everyone know before I put this thing in drive and head to my shift at the Olive Garden." To be fair, guys are undoubtedly guilty of this offense as well. We are not about double standards...they are douchebags as well.

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  • Bathroom Selfies

    Photograph - STARZ

    Ahhh the ubiquitous bathroom selfie. Often times accompanied by a voluptuous outfit and in most cases, a duck face. Ladies, you claim that you are looking for a gentleman who will cherish and respect you for your mind and not just your body, but all guys can see in these pictures is 'I am a hoe, and I want the D.' Include these in your profiles all you want, but quit bitching about all the sleazy dudes hitting you up that are just trying to f*ck. 

  • Post Pilates Pics

    Blond - #GrowingUpChrisley Usa

    Don't get us wrong, no straight, warm-blooded male would ever complain about a beautiful scantily clad women, but there is nothing that screams 'basic bitch' like a mirror selfie after the gym. Women are constantly lamenting about guys who take pictures of themselves looking 'swole' after hitting the weights so consider this the equivalent. 

  • Pictures Where No One Can Decipher Which One is You


    We get it. You have a '#squad.' If we cannot figure out which one you are in a group picture they will automatically assume you are the least attractive one and give you the ol' swipe left. 

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  • Snapchat Filters

    Hair - >DASDING Less filters, more real.

    Oh, how cute! You have doggy ears! Just like every other basic bitch we swiped right to. Also, the flower crown is played out. The big misty-eyed fairy with the flawless complexion is not a good look...because it's clearly not going to be an accurate depiction of what we will see in person. 


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