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When Memes Exceed Dreams: 'We Are Number One' Makes Meme History With a Live Performance

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    From The AMA

    we are number 1 meme with pic of Stefan Karl in hospital bed

    2 months ago actor Stefan Karl Stefanson posted an AMA on Reddit discussing his battle with cancer and asking for help paying for the treatment on his gofundme. In it he answered whatever questions his fans had, most of which were about his role as Robbie Rotten in the kids series Lazy Town. Among the questions were what his favorite song to perform on the show was which led to a reader posting a link to 'We Are Number One' a song performed on the show.

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    we are number 1 meme with screencap of Reddit discussion of Stefan Karl's fave song

    The meme exploded spawning various variations of the video, some of which are below, each more ridiculous than the last. Everything culminated in this meta moment when Stefan hosted a livestream with the composer of the song and the original actors, performing the song live and thus ending the meme once and for all. 

    Please feel free to visit Stefan's gofundme above and help him in his battle. 

    Here's the live performance of the song, along with the original and a selected sample of the insane recreations.

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    The Original

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    Stefán Karl Stefánsson Performs 'We Are number One' From Lazy Town

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    Cheezburger Image 8995581440
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    Cheezburger Image 8995581952
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    Cheezburger Image 8995582464
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    Cheezburger Image 8995581696
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    The Live Version - With Full Interview

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    We Are Number One but the first 'hey' triggers a three-part contrapuntal arrangement of the melody

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    The video is We Are Number One but each 'we are number one' is replaced with the Nutshack theme but each 'Nutshack' is replaced with We Are Number One and also the very last 'Hey, hey!' is made incredibly loud.

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    We Are Number One but every 'One' is replaced with a shitty /r/montageparodies post

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    We Are Number One but everytime someone says "One" a Minecraft Tutorial appears

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    We Are Number One but it's performed by Adolf Hitler

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    We are Number One but I didn't have time to finish the video

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    We Are Number One but when someone takes a step, they turn into a trumpet Mr.Skeltal

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    We Are Number One but the word 'one' makes the content aware scale stronger

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    We Are Number One but they forgot how to speak and other minor changes

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    We Are Number One but its zoomed on the crotch area (the abscence of crotch triggers big weed man)


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