You Can Play Super Mario Run With One Hand. So Here's a List of Wholesome Things You Can Do With The Other Hand While You Play

In case you haven't heard. YOU CAN PLAY SUPER MARIO RUN WITH ONE HAND.
We know it's freakin revolutionary right?
We thought it might be a blasty blast to think of some other things that you can do with one hand while you play Super Mario run. Other than the obvious gutter minded implications of course. But we're sure there are some people out there REALLY like Mario. Like a LOT.

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    Yeah Koopa. I'm gonna jump on your head. Wholesomely.

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    1. Give Your Friends A High Five to Show That You Are Capable of Making Meaningful Connections With Other People

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    You. You're great. You can do it. Go find the nearest friend to you and give them a big old high five.

    YEAH SYNERGY and stuff like that. Here at Cheezburger we love good team building high fives.

    Just don't go high fiving your self now. You need that other hand to play Super Mario Run. And this is a wholesome list.

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    2. Call Your Mom (On Another Phone)

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    The woman raised you, the least you can do is give her a call once and a while. So pick up that phone (not the one you're playing Super Mario Run with) and give that nice lady a call and see how she's doing. Bonus points for making plans to hang out soon. Double bonus points if she says "You Really Should call more often".

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    3. Hang Out With Your Mom

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    Ok, so now that you've made plans with your old lady it's time to actually hang out with her. So schedule a lunch or something, just make sure when you go you keep playing SMR with one hand, that's the key here.

    Of course she might get upset that you aren't putting your phone down, but just carefully explain that we told you to do this, and SMR is super important right now.

    If things spiral out of control and she starts going into what a disapointment you are, it's time to move onto something else wholesome.

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    4. Write a Check to Your Favorite Charity

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    What's more wholesome than contributing to the wellbeing of others?

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    5. Crack an Egg

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    Those with good dexterity and practice will be able to crack an egg while they play SMR (Super Mario Run) man isnt that awesome? We know you can't wait to try it.

    In fact you can probably bake an entire cake with one hand while you play Super Mario Run...

    What's more wholesome than a cake?

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    6. Bake A Cake

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    Yeah, that's right, treat yo self. You know you deserve it for stomping on that goomba ( even though the game does it automatically). Regardless it's probably possible to bake yourself an entire cake with your free hand while playing Super Mario Run.

    Cheezburger is not responsible for any serious burns or other injuries sustained while attempting this

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    7. Eat Your Damn Cake

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    Who the heck doesn't like cake? I don't know but whoever they are, they're lame and this list isn't for them. So eat your damn cake. Just don't use two hands doing it like this chick, she's doing it wrong, you need your other hand to Play Super Mario Run

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    8. Wallow in Self Loathing

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    Wait you ate the whole cake? All by yourself? Man why did you do that?
    Don't look at me, this is all your own fault. So now it's time to hate yourself. Remember that one time you did that one thing in fourth grade and everyone laughed at you? Remember that one thing you did in highschool and that girl/guy you liked looked at you funny. It's time to start thinking of all those embarrassing things you think of right as you fall asleep. How could you do those things.

    Technically you can do this one with NO hands, so feel free to play two copies of Super Mario Run at once

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    9. Browse Wholesome Memes

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    Alright, snap out of it. It's time to stop your downward spiral of self hatred. You're a good person and people say nice things about you.

    So instead of sitting there and feeling sorry for yourself, why don't you do something productive, like browse wholesome memes, with one hand of course. Keep playing Super Mario Run, that's the key here, don't forget what this list is all about.
    Of course there are other things people joke about doing with one hand online, but this is a WHOLESOME LIST.

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    10. Stay Positive

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    Yeah, positivity is pretty wholesome, things got dark for a minute. Just look on the bright side, you can play Super Mario Run with one hand. Isn't that great? One hand! Wow! Just make sure you get that straight. Don't you dare use two. Just one hand.

    Technically, positivity doesn't require a hand, so just make sure the other one stays wholesome.

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