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Five Swearing Parrots Separated After Egging Each Other On

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    "People have come to us, they think it's highly amusing, we haven't had one complaint. When a parrot tells tells you to f*** off it amuses people very highly. It's brought a big smile to a really hard year."

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    The parrots are now settling in to their new surroundings out of the earshot of visitors

    Vertebrate - © PA
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    Bird - © PA
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    The parrots were adopted by the wildlife park in August and placed in quarantine together. They would swear to get a reaction or a response. Once someone laughed, it would encourage them to continue with the behavior.

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    "I'm hoping they learn different words within colonies - but if they teach the others bad language and I end up with 250 swearing birds, I don't know what we'll do," adds Steve Nichols.

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    The five parrots aren't the only birds to have made headlines at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.


    A parrot named Chico wentviral for singing Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy."


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