Memes And Pics That Will Give You A Reason To Smile

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    Dolphin - Dolphins love interacting with pregnant women because they communicate by ultrasound, besides mom's heartbeat they can also feel baby's heartbeat, they find it fascinating.
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    Panda - Ash V @AlsBoy Follow Don't you love how literally almost every picture of pandas looks like chaos
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    Organism - What's your costume? I'm a Smile liz climo thelittleworld ofliz.com
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    Text - justin @jnudey my grandpa called me in the middle of my shift at work today and he goes "i know you're working but this is important. do you want to go to red lobster with me on saturday".
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    Photo caption - Posted by u/Njodr 1 day ago Top Awarded 5 19 & 110 More * Personal Win A After a terrible six year long marriage and a horrible battle with depression, I decided to try to hit the gym and lose some weight. Here is me, 41lbs and four months down! FWER
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    Facial expression - Image credit: NBC Radio After the death of TV and radio star Jack Benny, his widow, Mary Livingstone, received a long-stemmed red rose. When she inquired about who had sent it, the florist told her it was her husband. In his will, Jack Benny had actually arranged for a single red rose to be delivered to his wife every day for the rest of her life. unbelievablefacts
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    World - 10:43 7 么IEl Judge Carlos Moore 2nd * President Elect at NATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION 4d · Edited • O As a judge I love alternative sentencing especially for young people. Today I announced that I would give an young lady a break on a speeding ticket if she brings me back proof that she voted in next Tuesday's general election or writes 500 word essay on the importance of voting. Then I told a young 17 year old man that if he pulled up one of his Cs to a B by his next report card I would wit
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    Text - Noah Michelson @noahmichelson I just saw a Reddit post by someone with extreme anxiety asking how to order a sandwich at Subway because they've never tried it and someone replied and wrote out step-by-step instructions without being snarky or judgmental and it's the kindest, sweetest thing I've seen in months 12:42 PM · Nov 14, 2019 · Twitter Web App
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    Text - I gave her food yesterday! Now she's back with the whole family
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    Nose - cute old couple got on cnn because they found a duck shaped tomato in their garden TAT T dek AY -shaped tomato CNN 目
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    Dog - Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world dances with his pet cat in the doorway of his Worthing home, 1956.
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    Product - Posted by u/GeneticCoder23 6 days ago Top Awarded 42 & 161 More Doggo I got my pup a matching chair so he would stop stealing mine. Needless to say, he's very pleased.
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    Text - This is my wife and I in active meth addiction the first photo was taken around December 2016 the second one was taken in July of 2019. This December 31st will be 3 years we have been clean and sober and living for God. I hope that my transformation can encourage a addict somewhere! It is possible to recover!!
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    Text - r/offmychest Posted by u/soupyy_poop • 10h O 1 A 1 3 2 2 11 3 7 A 6 1 VOTE I just realized what he does every morning. My partner has to wake up around 4am in the morning for work. He has two alarms. One is at 4:30, the other is 4:35. I questioned why he had them so close together, and he said "Eh, it just helps me." This morning I pieced together what he's been doing every morning since he started this job two months ago. The first alarm is solely his warning signal, and he uses it to ge
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    Text - Pros of chubby gf - soft - nice hugs - thigh pillows??? Tiddy pillows?? Cons of chubby gf - none Pros of skinny gf - fits in ur arms rly nicely - ur hoodies are too big on her which is beautiful Cons of skinny gf - none Pros of muscled gf - abs?? Biceps??? Please??? strong gf pick me up pls - most likely works out a lot which is hot Cons of muscled gf - none
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    Photo caption - Ferdanko @623fer There's a mattress store that gives you a mattress for your dog when you buy a normal one.
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    Vertebrate - Shot 17 times, ear chopped off, blinded and left tied to a box to die, Maggie is now a therapy dog helping others get better! PASSED FREE HUGS MY THERAPY DOG TEST
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    Text - hermesapprentice Lies I have told I always tell people that my cat doesn't really like people that much even though she is really cuddly so they feel special when she cuddles them. softjoly. You are the best person
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    Dog - Alexandria Neonakis @Beavs My sisters' dog was at the park and another golden retriever ran up to play. after talking to the owner it turns out they're brothers from the same litter! look at this good boy reunion ODS 5.8K 32 Comments O Like Comment Share
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    Text - sarah!! @sarahhhclifton we went to waffle house at 2 am and it was super icy outside so the workers gave us serving trays to go sledding outside of the restaurant, and our waitress took my phone and charged it when it died. its not a waffle house but a waffle home.
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    Purple - tibets: Reporter wears grape costume to defend boy suspended for banana suit
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    Fashion - Jesselyn D @gorjess_elyn My cousin lost his arm in a motorcycle accident, so he's the part in the movie where Woodie's arm starts to rip
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    Text - .ull TFW ? 3:21 PM O 68% Instagram 1 day ago - See Translation ship ... Ку @mankersss When we were little my parents threw us a NYE party but set all the clocks forward so we thought it was midnight at 8:00. They put us to bed, brought in the babysitter, and went out for the night. This is the type of parent I aspire to be. 13,422 likes View all 109 comments Add a comment... 21 hours ago
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    Text - Thursday night, I was sitting in my garage smoking a cigarette. Horrible habit, I know. 4 young men rushed me, decided they wanted my car, beat me up, and wanted my keys. I told them the keys were in the house. They decided to go in. What they weren't expecting were my 2 80lb Pit Bulls. They are sweethearts and the kindest dogs you'll ever know, but protect their home and owner with finesse. My beautiful babies charged these a stood over me as I laid on the floor of my garage, forever pro
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    Text - Jeff @usedwigs When my daughter was 3 or 4 she was watching Seasame Street in the other room when a muppet started playing electric guitar. She ran in and said "Daddy, you like Rock and Roll music, right?" "I do." I said. She took my hand and said "I think you're really gonna enjoy this."
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    Cat - There's a TV show in Iceland called “Keeping up with the Kattarshians". It's a 24 hour live broadcast of cats in a tiny model house.
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    Vehicle door - Met a Tibetan monk that was passenger in a car that had a flat. Offered to fix the flat, he asked if he could learn how to change and patch a tire. So I taught him how. Changed a lot of tires and this is one my favorite moments of life. Such a happy inquisitive person.
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    Text - Barry Petchesky @barry If your pet does a big stretch, you must tell it "Oooh, big stretch" or you go to jail. 5:27 AM Sep 9, 2020 Twitter for iPhone
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    Clothing - Posted by u/offdrea 1 day ago Top Awarded 3 14 11 & 73 More {Personal Win I've spent the last 3 months watching what I eat. I've lost a bit over 20 lbs and am now taking a break for the holidays and to see if I can keep it off. Being able to compare what I looked like in May versus now made my day. I'm hoping to lose another 20, but progress is still progress!
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    Cat - erica @ericacaclaire Someone call the vet cuz my kitten's sick af


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