Dude Pretends to Have Girlfriend to Make Another Girl Jealous and It Backfires Terribly

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    Text - o0o AT&T 1:03 AM 76% Details Messages iMessage Yesterday 11:33 PM Неу Hey Dave Oh! Where did you find that dratini? really want one This isn't Dave Umm okay who is it? It's his girlfriend
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    Text - Oh that's cool I didn't know he was seeing someone. Good for you guys iMessage ooo AT&T 1:03 AM 76% Details Messages Yah he is We met at s party He's taking me to the 21 pilots concert next weekend Cool have fun
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    Text - Yah it's going to be awesome Dave is basically the best boyfriend ever He even left me flowers on my car this morning We might even get a hatal roam aftor tho iMessage ooo AT&T 1:03 AM 76% Details Messages hotel room after the concert wdyt?
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    Text - I don't know man don't ask me Why not? Do you like him or something? It's too late anyway he's totally taken You know he told me about you Do you want to know what he said? Oh dearlord iot f. lins iMessage
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    Text - ooo AT&T 1:03 AM 76% Messages Details Oh dear lord just fucking stop already. This is so stupid. Why are you jealous? I think you're just upset because he's with me now Seriously Dave just knock it off this is ridiculous I told you already this isn't Dave
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    Text - He told me you'd probably be jealous because you missed your chance iMessage ooo AT&T 1:03 AM 76% Details Messages Okay that's it. You can't take a hint and I'm tired of telling you no. Don't contact me anymore, I'm sick of your shit and this is over. Delivered Wait ok ok I'm sorry I didn't mean it
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    Text - Please don't stop talking to me I'm sorry Please don't block me Im really sorry please talk to me Do you still want to know where to find dratini? iMessage


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