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Counting Down The 11 Doctor's Finest Moments

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    Goodbye, Susan - William Hartnell

    This one is a no-brainer. Watching the First Doctor say farewell to his granddaughter, giving her a life with roots and love, first hints at the loneliness The Doctor would later come to embody.
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    That One's Too Fat! - Patrick Troughton

    Often considered a clown, the Second Doctor was actually very cunning and manipulative. While his stalling tactics don't save him from being exiled to Earth, Patrick Troughton's forced regeneration demonstrates The Doctor's first major division from The Timelords.
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    So Many Similarities, Yet So Many Differences - Jon Pertwee

    Doctor Who rarely explores the idea of alternate timelines, but this story of the Third Doctor's examines a universe where his companions are evil figures. Where is a scientist!?
  • 4

    Indomitable - Tom Baker

    How can we choose from the multitude of fantastic Tom Baker moments? Sarah Jane's farewell and the Genesis of the Daleks immediately spring to mind, but nothing compares to this speech. Humanity's ability to adapt and survive leave the Fourth Doctor incredulous and in awe.
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  • 5

    I'm Not Going To Let You Stop Me Now - Peter Davison

    The Fifth Doctor finally grows a backbone. Considered the meekest Doctor, it's fantastic seeing Peter Davison's Doctor give everything he has to save his companion, Peri, from a poison they're both suffering.
  • 6

    The Trial Of The Doctor - Colin Baker

    Colin Baker gets a lot of flak from his tenure as the Sixth Doctor. Plagued by inconsistent and often muddled writing, he was never able to show off his chops. He strives brilliantly to bring gravitas to the epic Trial of The Doctor, but it falls flat in the face of one too many corny twists.
    Fortunately he was resurrected in 1999 in Doctor Who audiobooks, where he really shined.
  • 7

    C'Mon Ace, We've Got Work To Do - Sylvester McCoy

    Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, was the actor who saw the series close. We chose this rather innocuous scene in order to highlight his close father/daughter relationship with companion, Ace. This closeness really influences future Doctor/Companion relationships, almost signifying a pre-curser to the more romantic aspects of Tennant and Smith's runs.
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  • 8

    The Night of The Doctor - Paul McGann

    Paul McGann was difficult. The made for TV movie he starred in (his only time as the Eighth Doctor) was mediocre at best with only a couple moments worth mentioning. Fortunately BBC released this short, a prologue to the The Time Wars. We highly recommend you watch this before the 50th Anniversary not only to see John Hurt's introduction, but to also get a sense of just how charming Paul McGann can be as the Doctor.
  • 9

    Just This Once, Everybody Lives - Christopher Eccleston

    The Empty Child is by far the best story of Eccleston's Ninth Doctor. Just coming off of the Time Wars, Eccleston played a morose version of the Doctor, beaten down by the horror he wrought. The joy he feels when he finally wins one is palpable. "Just this once, everybody lives," and we tear up a little.
  • 10

    Bad Wolf Bay - David Tennant

    Oh, David Tennant, we all love you. From Blink to his devastating regeneration, the Tenth Doctor always knew just how to tug at the heartstrings and nothing was more unbearable than his first farewell to Rose. Unable to touch and with only a few minutes left together, they meet at Bad Wolf Bay.
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  • 11

    I Just Wanted To Say, 'Hello' - Matt Smith

    I know, you want the fez or the Stetson, at least some fish-fingers and custard, but Neil Gaiman's The Doctor's Wife illuminates The Doctor's first love, his TARDIS. It reminds us that no matter how much we love Amy, Rory and River, The Doctor only has one companion, his Blue Box.

    Do you disagree on these scenes? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the 50th Anniversary.


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