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People Create 3D Hats For Sea Urchins After Finding Out They Use Shells As Hats

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    Organism - Living Morganism Y @ok_girlfriend I was today years old when I learned that sea urchins naturally use shells as hats to make them feel safer and camouflaged so some aquarists had the genius idea to make them tiny hats 11:46 PM · Nov 22, 2020 - Twitter for Android 8.5K Retweets 639 Quote Tweets 39.1K Likes
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    Sea anemone
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    Organism - Living Morganism Y @ok_girlfriend Replying to @ok girlfriend they look more stylish than their wild bros 11:46 PM Nov 22, 2020 - Twitter for Android 85 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 1.6K Likes
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    Organism - Living Morganism Y @ok girlfriend Replying to @ok_girlfriend so it turns out these urchins belong to u/VanillaBean5813 on reddit, and one of them likes to hog the hats 5:17 AM Nov 23, 2020 - Twitter for Android 92 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 1K Likes
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    Sea anemone - Living Morganism Y @ok girlfriend Replying to @ok_girlfriend and here's a bonus witchy version 6:16 PM Nov 23, 2020 - Twitter for Android 39 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 556 Likes
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    Organism - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob Replying to @LA_Res_Tourist and @ok girlfriend found one that's a viking Imao 12:09 AM - Nov 23, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone 40 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 819 Likes
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    Sea anemone - Dude @DrunkSquirrncle Replying to @ok_girlfriend Need to see this one riding a sea horse 2:27 AM - Nov 23 , 2020 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Long hair - there is no 6 seasons total landscaping @thereisnoruleb Replying to @ok girlfriend 1:04 AM Nov 23 , 2020 · Twitter Web App
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    Organism - Free Ukraine @Ukrainolution Replying to @ok girlfriend No comment 7:32 AM - Nov 23, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Reef2reef community member riosouza writes, "I just want to share my little a little discovery with you guys. After seen my sea urchins carrying snail shells, rocks on their back I decide to read more about it. Studies reviewed the possible reasons --

    Sea anemone

    would be to protect themselves against predators and/or a full-spectrum light source, mainly against UV rays," Riosouza continues, "Then I decided to do a quick design for a 3d printed hat, and to my surprise they absolutely love it. Since I replace the rocks and shells from their back with the hats, they never let it go, and I was astonished to see they moving the hats towards the light source. Which leads me to the conclusion they certainly use it against excessive UV rays."

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