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Two Kittens Rescued From Car Engine Are Doing Purrfect

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    As BelfastLive reports, Kevin was discovered after his meowing from under the car's bonnet was heard. Volunteers attempted to get him out safely by calling him and offering treats, and when he didn't come out on his own, they reached in and gently pulled him out of there. 

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    "He was stressed and dirty with engine grime, but after a clean, a cosy heat pad and some paediatric weaning food he was purring away," said the Ballymena branch coordinator of Cats Protection. "We took him to the vets the next morning and he got a clean bill of health."

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    The same newly formed branch also got a call about Cotton, a little calico kitten who got trapped under a raised oil tank on an industrial site. She was found by one of the employees at the site who had been feeding her and her mother and called Cats Protection to save Cotton and make sure she finds a good forever home. 

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    After getting the treatment she needed, she is now "back to full health". Her new owners have named her Tipsy, and we think that name might fit her even more than the last one. this branch of Cats Rescue is already doing amazing work, and we really hope they get to continue doing what they're doing.

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