Roast of the Day: Wendy’s Twitter Account is Destroying People Left and Right — Yes, That Wendy’s

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    No one eats for free.

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    No love for Rally's

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    Call that the slam-burger.

    Text - wanna be rockstar®@Amadxus -8h who got more beef, @Wendys or @souljaboy ??? 50 Wendy's @Wendys-8h @Amadxus Well, our beef is fresh 506 t 191 Matt B @xxmattxx82 4h @Wendys @Amadxus Then why won't my body digest it? Wendy's @Wendys Follow @xxmattxx82 @Amadxus That sounds like a question for your doctor. LIKES 8 5:08 AM-4 Jan 2017
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    If you step, make sure your grammar game is on lock.

    Text - Miguel Rivera @VXMVX_ - 3h @Wendys your trash Wendy's @Wendys @_inkedSnowFlake Wendy's @Wendys Follow @VXMVX_ No that's not our trash RETWEETS LIKES 9 4 4:43 AM 4 Jan 2017
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    Sounds like a classic Nickle-snap.

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    So many gifs for this.

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    Employment is good regardless of restaurant

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    Fried? Baked? No, ROASTED


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