Naughtiest Things Single People Did At Weddings

  • Getting hot and heavy at the bar


    At my best friend's rehearsal dinner party I started chatting up one of the groom's friends who I had just met. We sort of hit it off and by the end of the night I was pretty much jerking him off over his pants while we were sitting at the bar.

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  • Sex in the pool


    One of my friends got married in Jamaica and there was a pool party the day everyone got in. I had entirely too much to drink and ended up having sex with one of the groomsmen in the corner of the pool. People could obviously see us making out, but I don't think anyone knew the extent of it. I don't even remember his name.

  • Sexy time in the photobooth


    I met a girl at my cousin's wedding and we hit it off. We ended up going into the photobooth. Things got a little frisky and ended up fingering a photo booth.

  • Threesome with the bride's cousin


    I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years just before one of my best friend's weddings and ended up going solo. I went a little nuts and ended up having a threesome with the bride's cousin and his wife in the steam room of their villa.

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  • Three guys, one day!


    I attended a destination wedding that was pretty much a sh*t show. I ended up taking a guy back to my hotel room. We passed out then hooked up in the morning. There was a brunch the following morning of the wedding that turned into a pretty wild pool party. I took a liking to a different guy and we ended up hooking that afternoon before the wedding. We got so drunk we missed the ceremony. He was in the wedding and no one could find him because he was in my room. That night at the after-party we met some guys from a wedding happening at the same hotel and I ended up hooking up with a guy that night. So….I hooked up with 3 different dudes in one day. Some of my best work to date.  

  • Making out with my friend's mom!

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    I went to a college buddy's nuptials and his mom has always been a huge flirt. After the after-party, she invited me and a few people to her suite to continue drinking. One by one people left and I was the only one. We ended up making out with a little heavy petting, but then it just got too weird. I didn't have it in me to have sex with my friend's mom.

  • Baby-making in the woods


    I hit things off with a girl at a wedding that was outside. We ended up going off into the woods and we had sex up against a tree. She ended up getting pregnant. We didn't work out but we are great friends and co-parents.

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  • Making out with the server


    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and was getting pretty friendly with one of the catering people. I had to go to the bathroom but there was a super long line, so I used the one in the bridal suite. The server I had the flirtation with somehow ended up in the room as well. We started making out. I got way too scared that we were going to get caught so we ran down the hall to my hotel room. He went down on me really quick then I was back before the bouquet toss.

  • Threesome time!


    I was flirting with two different guys during the rehearsal dinner and at the wedding. We all ended up in my room and I ended up hooking up with both of them. Best of both worlds I guess?


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