Ariana Grande Gets an Epic Final Fantasy Remix

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    It was reported the other day that Ariana Grande would be added to a Final Fantasy game. But now we're learning that they aren't done there. They're determined to make us love Ariana Grande, and utterly determined to remind us all that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. To be completely honest, I'd forgotten until all of this.

    The singer, who received a character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in her Dangerous Woman bunny costume, is now getting a remix to her song "Touch it".

    The remix is the kind of fully orchestrated epic that you'd expect from a Final Fantasy game, and its actually pretty good.
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    This image right here and Bernie Sanders bringing a massive printed tweet to the senate floor are indicators of what kind of year we're in for.

    If 2016 was the awful year of celebrity deaths and it looks like 2017 is going to be the year of dank memes.

    The cynic inside of us says that Ariana probably knows nothing about Japanese pop culture. But that's just because the optimist inside of us is too busy looking at her adorable in game character:
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    Anyways, here is the remix in all it's glory.

    It's chalk full of that epic feel that Final Fantasy usually carries in it's games and music, with an overlay of pretty standard pop lyric delivery.
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    If you look closely you can see his eyes screaming.

    It's that 1000 yard stare that says, "How did I get here? How did my career lead to this moment?"


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