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Smiling Fox Cub Gets Adopted And Befriends Two Dogs After Its Brother Was Run Over

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    Vertebrate - © Caters News Agency

    O'Leary spoke to DailyMail about how the fox is adjusting. "Every day, I call out her name and she comes running. But she will never come for anyone else as she is very wary and nervous," she explains. "She then puts her paws on my leg and lets me pet her. Or sometimes, I wake up and she is at my window. I have let her in for food before. She gently takes it from my hand and then hops back out. She is such a beautiful animal."

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    Wood - © Caters News Agency

    "I've fed her since she was about two weeks old - she used to visit with her brother. It was so sad when he got ran over as she was always calling out for him," she continues. "She missed him terribly but I think my pug and springer spaniel helped her as they've become friends.."

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    The two siblings before the brother was run over.

    Carnivore - © Caters News Agency

    Now, the adorable smiling fox follows O'Leary on dog walks! "She is a little bit like a dog but she is always listening and on the lookout. Her ears are always up and she is ready to run," O'Leary said. "She is also always smiling. It is so amazing. She grins at me every day."

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    Blue - © Caters News Agency

    "She will eat almost anything. I have no doubts that she would eat my chicken and hens but she hasn't. I tend to feed her meat," she adds. "She is such a pleasure to be around and it has been amazing watching her grow." We, of course, wish this amazing cub as well as her big-hearted adoptive mom and her two doggo BFFs an amazing time together. We hope to continue watching them grow and become even better friends, and we hope that in time, the fox will learn to be more relaxed and happy with her new family. 

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    Vertebrate - © Caters News Agency

    This is not the first time, by the way, that we've seen a dog and fox become friends, and you can read about another amazing friendship between them here. Maybe there's something special that brings the two species together. 

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