I Can Has Cheezburger?

Closing The Week With Wholesome And Funny Dog Tweets

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    Smile - Strictly @StrictlyChristo ... This happy pup spending his first night at his new home after being adopted from the shelter. 8:28 AM - Apr 17, 2021 - Twitter Web App 26.3K Retweets 2,111 Quote Tweets 378.1K Likes

    Okay, this is the most wholesome thing we've seen all day. That smiiiiile, and I don't mean on the new puppy parents, I mean on the dog. Oh my god, that might be the happiest dog that we've ever seen. We want about a million more pictures of him please and thank you. 

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    Dog - queen quen @quenblackwelI no way in hell this is a real breathing dog. this is a pbs kids cartoon dog. 1:07 AM - Apr 15, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 6,407 Retweets 588 Quote Tweets 119.2K Likes

    It does look like a cartoon! That's amazing. But let's be real, most dogs have a tendency to look quite cartoonish sometimes. That's part of why why love them so much - they are the biggest derps in the world. Them being so funny and cute at the same time is why they're literally the best. 

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    Carnivore - Kristen Arnett ... @Kristen Arnett when i see a dog IT'S A DOG! 6:07 AM Apr 18, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 31.6K Retweets 795 Quote Tweets 149.4K Likes
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    Rectangle - Tommylnnit O @tommyinnit Replying to @TubboLive Thinking about dogs. They're just awesome man 2:54 PM Apr 22, 2021 - Twitter Web App 588 Retweets 83 Quote Tweets 39.5K Likes
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    Font - philip matarese O @philorphilip Smdh (shaking my dog's hand) 11:34 PM Apr 19, 2021 - Twitter Web App 2,138 Retweets 24 Quote Tweets 17.6K Likes
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    Font - Black * @MarqueGem fuck a break up, have y'all ever had to chase your dog down the street and they're thinking it's a game 7:26 PM · Apr 19, 2021 - Twitter for Android 28.3K Retweets 5,156 Quote Tweets 158.2K Likes
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    Product - moxiee @moxiee_xx when i go over someone's house and they have a dog pspspspsps Gmere bb I love you 7:16 PM · Apr 18, 2021 - Twitter for Android 13.6K Retweets 917 Quote Tweets 55.5K Likes
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    Vertebrate - greg ... @norfsidegreg When you step on your dog's paw and they make that little 'arf' noise 6:47 PM Apr 16, 2021 - Twitter for Android 4,891 Retweets 143 Quote Tweets 29.5K Likes
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    Plant - Nicole Bad & Blerdy @alamanecer My dog is trying to find a gentle way to say I have a plant problem 1:18 AM · Apr 19, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 23K Retweets 928 Quote Tweets 183.1K Likes
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    Dog - Shea Pierce ... @SheaPierce The vet said we needed to start brushing Russell's teeth. @dog_rates 6:59 PM · Apr 17, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 472 Retweets 20 Quote Tweets 12.2K Likes
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    Dog - We Love Dogs, USA @WeLoveDogsUSA Mama and baby Goldens on a picnic 12:52 AM · Apr 19, 2021 · Twitter Web App 1,404 Retweets 64 Quote Tweets 14.2K Likes
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    Dog - dr. badvibes ... @nikitamissle why are borzoi puppies always making this face 11:30 PM Apr 14, 2021 Twitter Web App 4,546 Retweets 72 Quote Tweets 29.7K Likes
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    Font - The Woof on Wall Street @PAVGOD Even if you're fully vaccinated, the CDC still recommends that your stay at home with your dog so they're not sad when you leave 12:51 AM · Apr 16, 2021 from Los Angeles, CA · Twitter for iPhone 3,115 Retweets 175 Quote Tweets 22.6K Likes
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    Dog - Liam @OfficialVizeh BREAKING: The Dulux Dog is now appointed Manager of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Dulux TO ARE IS TO 12:36 PM Apr 19, 2021 Twitter Web App 1,770 Retweets 96 Quote Tweets 27.8K Likes

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