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Journey Of Malnourished And Sick Dog Getting Rescued By NASA Pilot

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    "This is the first picture I took of Dobby."

    Dog breed

    "I am a pilot with the US Government and was on assignment with NASA flying their P-3 Orion aircraft supporting an air chemistry scientific research project on the small African island of São Tomé and Príncipe. Dobby was a stray dog that had taken up residence in the hangar where we were storing the aircraft.   

    She is still alive and doesn't die at the end, in case you were wondering."

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    "São Tomé and Príncipe is an African island nation close to the equator. It is part of a volcano chain featuring striking rock and coral formations, rainforests and beaches."

    Blue - Dakar Chad Senegal Niamey The Gambia "N'Djamena إنجامینا Bamako Burkina Faso Kano Guinea-Bissau Guinea Conakry Benin Nigeria Sierra Leone Togo Abuja Ghana Côte d'Ivoire Central African Republic Kumasi Lagos Monrovia e Liberia Accra OLome Abidjan Cameroon Port Harcourt Bangui Yaounde Gulf of Guinea Douala Equatorial Guinea São 1omé and Príncipe Libreville Republic of the Congo Gabon Democratic Republic o the Congo OKinshasa
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    "This is the NASA P-3 Orion taking off on one of our first mission flights. I was there for just over a month flying pretty much every other day for 8-10 hour flights."

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    "While super sweet, Dobby was not in great shape when we first met her. She was malnourished and had a pretty bad case of mange."

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    "She greeted us before and after every flight, and loved to harass the local stray cats. She had a pretty bad limp as well from an unknown injury."

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    Dog breed - ONLO AS P Angel
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    "We started bringing her food every morning from the breakfast buffet at our local hotel. Yogurt was her favorite, and she played for hours with the empty cups."

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    "Most locals on the island treated stray dogs as pests, but our local handler ended up being best buds with her."

    Service - CARRO 11
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    "With the help of an amazing local vet, Mafalda (more on her later), Dobby started to get all the meds she needed and was getting healthier by the day. This meant that she started to wander farther from the hangar where she was staying."

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    "The local airport security "clears" the runway before every takeoff and landing. That means shooting pretty much anything that moves, including dogs."

    "When Dobby followed the plane out onto the taxiway one day, the security personnel threatened to shoot Dobby if she went any further. It was time to find a place to relocate Dobby to as our hotel would not allow dogs."

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    "I found a local apartment for super cheap and rented it for the remaining two weeks of my stay. This was her first-ever car ride....very scary. See why we called her Dobby?"

    Dog breed
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    "There are no pet supply stores on the island, so we made her a crate out of old laundry baskets and zip ties."

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    "First time going up stairs! Took a few tries to get it right."

    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
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    "The apartment had an awesome side yard that she loved to romp around in and chase the local chickens."

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    "Car rides are starting to get better! She would come with me to the hangar every time I would fly and the ground crew would babysit for me."

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    "First time eating peanut butter lol"

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    "Remember the local veterinarian I mentioned earlier, Mafalda?"

    Human - NASA www.nasa.gov

    "She is from Portugal and just happened to be on the island volunteering to help get the local goat population healthy. She was AMAZING and coordinated a very logistically challenging effort to get Dobby all the meds that she needed."

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    "She even volunteered to take Dobby into her personal home when I had to leave the island and Dobby needed more time for her medication to kick-in before she could be flown back to the states."

    Glass - OEW
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    "A friend of mine connected me with a contact in the SPCA..."

    Dog breed - VZW Wi-Fi ? * 1:04 PM Inbox Yesterday at 7:19 PM ANIMAL INTERNATIONAL RESCUE Dear Desiree, I'm telling you this because I believe you'd do almost anything to stop an animal from suffering. And Dobby will surely suffer if we don't rescue her in December.

    into a program called Operation Baghdad Pups. While I did not really fit the requirements for the program, I reached out and they approved my application! The SPCA covered all of the expenses to get Dobby home to me in Florida and took care of all of the very complicated logistics. They were awesome to work with, I would have never been able to do it on my own.

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    "They used Dobby's story as a fundraising effort and ended up raising some money to support their international efforts. Win win!"

    Text - l 88% 10:15 SPCA ANIMAL GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL RESCUE Dear Brigid, I am so happy to tell you that Dobby will be rescued thanks to many heartfelt donations that were given to help with her transport and rescue costs. The outpouring of support Dobby received is proof that with people like you on our side we can overcome any challenge. It means the world to me and the whole SPCA International team. Not only that, it also means the world to Lt. Kevin. What's next for Dobby? We can now report th
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    "During all of this, Mafalda had the idea to start up the first-ever animal clinic on the island. "

    Single-lens reflex camera - TAW

    "Nothing like this has ever existed within this community. She ended up creating AMA, the Association of Friends of the Animals of Sao Tome and Principe. Before leaving the island, the whole NASA team chipped in and raised a good chunk of money to get her started."

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    "After many weeks of work with Mafalda and the SPCA, Dobby was on her way to the US! It was a three day journey with a stops in 4 different countries."

    Carnivore - 11:750
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    "This was the man who traveled with Dobby to make sure she made it safely."

    Trousers - He
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    "This is her at home with us in Florida for the first night."

    Dog breed
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    "This was her first toy, we called it her "Dingo Flamingo." She loves to make it squeak and howl. It is adorable."

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    "We took her on a road trip up north to meet the family for Christmas. She was not too fond of the snow."

    Dog breed
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    "She is the best at snuggling and lounging around the house."

    Dog breed
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    "She is also an excellent nanny."

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    "Thanks for making it this far, Happy New Year to all!!"

    Dog breed

    "If you have the means, please consider donating to Mafalda's non-profit. She created a GoFundMe a little bit ago and it has stalled out way short of what they need. Any little bit helps, and it would mean a lot to me and all the animals of São Tomé and Príncipe."


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