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Rehabilitating A Baby Bobcat Is An Adventure (Imgur Posts)

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    "We do rehabilitation on for animals. The was found in a pile of brush. No mother, no tracks, nothing. "


    "Also not to self these things have very sharp teeth and  claws even when they are this tiny."

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    "I iz a killer rawar"

  • 3

    "I am coming for u. Give me a paw up dog."

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    "Going for the legs."

    Small to medium-sized cats
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  • 5

    "Distracted by a string."

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    "Crap. I iz caught. She is doing just fine. Each day she gets a little bigger, and little more brave. Just watch your toes. Only 6 weeks old."

    Felidae - FARM FRESH
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    "You have heard of cat in the hat. But what about Bob cat in the pants"

  • 9

    "Welp this is a new one for me. I guess all cats like to sit in your pants."

  • 10

    "Come from work to find a Bob cat in my washer. The little sh*t figured out the dog door. Now no place is safe for me."

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  • 11
    Washing machine - Spis So Srte A. ) .. 100 W
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  • 13

    "Am I cute."

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  • 14

    "Mmmmmm finger."

  • 15

    "God it i can beleave how big he's gotten."

  • 16

    "I am viscous. Your hand is mine."


    "Should add to this, he is not a pet, and I will repeat this Not A Pet. He is still a wild animal. I do not own him, he is being rehabbed to be released back into the wild. The is still the cute kitten stage, and training stage. I am month or so I will not be able to do this, he will be to wild and come spring will leave to find his area. I work with the DNR and we do this a lot, get one to two cats a year along with other animals, mostly deer, squirrel, and porcupine. But since we had this one as a kitten it see us as part of his family, so he is a little more gentle with us."


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