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Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (23 Images + 7 Vid)

  • 1

    "Adopted a cat today. She has a little limp from fused toes in her back right leg, but we love her all the same. Everyone meet Hazel!"

    Human - GRUSHIN
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  • 2

    "First seconds in her new home, she'd been passed over at the shelter because of wobbly back legs. Just makes us love the special girl even more."

  • 3

    "Picked up a rescue in Alabama, he’s been sleeping on my arm all the way to Florida. He’s so content."

    Comfort - BUR KIN
  • 4

    "My 2021 gift to myself. His name is Artemis "

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  • 5

    "This is how I'm starting my year I guess"

  • 6

    "Picking up our new mouser tomorrow."

  • 7

    "Adopted a cat but left her brother so I had to go back a few days later and get him too."

    Lighting - PALMA
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  • 8

    "I think my new kitten and boyfriend are getting along pretty well "

  • 9

    "I adopted a bonded pair a few weeks ago. Guess I didn’t realize just how bonded they are!"

  • 10

    "I adopted a 16 year old cat today! Meet Roffus."

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  • 11

    "Got my first cat in years and she jumped immediately on ma lap"

    Vertebrate - eri
  • 12

    "Adopted this polite boy"

  • 13

    "This is Zhora (right). She was attacked by a raccoon and her back leg was amputated on the 30th. We’ll be her new forever parents starting next week. Amongst her siblings will be Zena, another tripawed cat we adopted last December. Here’s Zena (left)"

    Vertebrate - Vertebrate - 2387 Stew
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  • 14

    My purr machine went to his forever home today."

  • 15

    "New kitten hugs my cat when I ask “do you love Bart?”"

  • 16

    "We drove 5 hours to get her. She is a boxador."

    Dog breed
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  • 17

    "I just adopted a kitten. Her leg was injured so we went to the vet and got it all fixed. She's scared and decided to hide in the shoe rack."

  • 18

    "We were worried Milo wouldn’t like the new kitten, we were wrong"

  • 19

    "This is Ivy. She was a stray we'd been feeding every day for a couple of months. I finally picked her up and brought her in! She's the best Christmas present ever!"

    Vertebrate - Whiskers
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  • 20

    "Just became a cat person, meet Imogen"

  • 21

    "Meeting my girl for the first time"

  • 22

    "After losing my cat 3 years ago, I finally adopted another one. Meet Mouse, she's a little weird, but I love her so much already."

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  • 23

    "My first post ever and my first cat ever!"

  • 24

    "My baby boy is getting used to his new home!"

  • 25

    "It’s officially been one week with my very handsome kitten."

    Vertebrate - Boots& Barkley
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  • 26

    "We adopted two kittens! Their names are Alfred and Emil! Here they are climbing!"

  • 27

    "Salem joined our family yesterday. People seem to like her ears."

    Dog breed - Piease leave hea tems in cart
  • 28

    "I’m Cece! I just got adopted today. The second picture is my older brother Chester waiting patiently to meet me."

    Vertebrate - Whiskers
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  • 29

    "10yr old lady my fiancé adopted. Her name is Peach but she’s my little squish."

  • 30

    Bonus: "My wife and I adopted our first dog two weeks ago. Shelter said he was skittish and would take a long time to feel safe and comfortable with us. That has not been the case at all. Wallace is the best, derpiest boy. He definitely feels at home!"

    Dog breed


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