Heartwarming Stories Bringing All The Feels

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    His son had a birthmark on his chest that he doesn’t like. To support him he spent 30 hours getting a matching tattoo.

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    I deliver Amazon part-time. Final stop last night and this women comes out, “Wait I have something for you! I made baby yoda cookies.”

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    Having tea with the janitor

    Text - mohamad safa @mhdksafa 000 I noticed that our lovely janitor gets treated like an outcast, so I made sure to drink my coffee with him daily in front of the gate. Today I was in a hurry to get to my office, so he came to my office with a cup of coffee and awkwardly goes "Thank you for being my friend." 12:29 PM · Nov 21, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 5.2K Retweets 1.3K Quote Tweets 87.4K Likes
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    "My wife's conservative religious high-school wouldn't let me take her to prom ten years ago because we're both women, so I threw her one in our home for our 5th anniversary."

    Interior design
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    “In childhood, my mom purposely burnt my teddy bear. It has haunted me ever since. My girlfriend surprised me with this today.”

    Stuffed toy
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    “Today at work, I broke into tears in front of a client on the day of my breakup. He came back 15 minutes later with these.”

    Finger - LUND FLORAL Hoppe Hhis brightens your Day! Tust membel, HIS LOSS!
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    “My cousin was fishing on the river this weekend and rescued this deer who was so tired he was starting to drown.”

    Vertebrate - MANIEH
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    "My daughters letter to her teacher."

    Text - Dear Mrs. You have bee n art teach er,I was like a blank piece of paper t hen came along and gave color Thank you a a great you me color Your friend
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    "My mom crochets and donated 31 blankets to sick children this year."

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    "Today my friends and I assembled 50 care packages, including blankets and socks, and handed them out to the homeless in our city."

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    The kindness of strangers

    Text - Dr. Shannon Wiltsey Stirman @SWS_FASTLab 000 My 19-year-old son bought a car today. The guy who sold it to him took the cash, counted out $1000, and gave it back to him, saying "good luck in college. Pay it forward" Unbelievably kind, and brought tears to my eyes. 1:10 AM Nov 22, 2020 Twitter Web App 31.2K Retweets 6.1K Quote Tweets 632.8K Likes
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    "This young lady grabbed two dozen eggs and was walking away when the man called her back to show her how to check if the eggs are cracked."

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    “My lunch was stolen, so I posted a note asking the person who took it to return a bowl to ‘a broke college kid.’ Then I got this from a kind stranger.”

    Box - 20 pyrex. xe A Glass Storage Set Ensemble de rangement en verre e Conjanto de alracmamiento de vidno wwwheer PREEZABLE LUNCH BAG w CKIT GRANDE GRAN PACKIT FOLD. FREEZE PACKO PACKIT 20 piece setmele de 20 ces FREEZE ME!
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    “I’m a doctor. I’ve worked every day of the lockdown so far. I came home from work, and found this care package left by my neighbors.”

    Plastic bag - .مقار EP MI who Relaxing Te From: Jimv Henry Id non cant usse one
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    "We rescued 3 helpless abandoned newborn kittens from under my sister’s house about 9 weeks ago. Our older cat, Ozzie, has fallen in love and is now a doting daddy, and the kittens love him right back."


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