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Awwdorable Senior Cat Cries If His Sweater Is Taken Off (Viral Thread)

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    "My old man. This is Steve."

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    "He’s kind of clingy."

  • 3

    "And will scream if I leave his line of sight, especially when showering."

    Vertebrate - ARRID
  • 4

    "He can also be kind of an asshole. His favorite thing is to wedge himself between me and the phone screen so I have no distractions from his glory."

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  • 5

    "He’s also been a trooper while I’ve dragged him cross-country for work."


    "He never lived anywhere with snow before, so the Northeast cold has been an adjustment for his old and arthritic bones (which he has a heated bed and blankets for, so don't worry!)."

  • 6

    "He’s getting old and I know my time with him is limited, especially as his health issues have started to pile up (diabetes and kidney disease being the major culprits there), but for now he is and will remain my best boy."

  • 7

    "He’s 18 and cries if I take his sweater off."

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  • 8

    "The sweater is well-loved and starting to unravel, but for now the kitty boob window makes me laugh."

  • 9

    "He’s a whore for anything warm- especially the sweater and heated blanket combo."


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