I Can Has Cheezburger?

Error: Cats And Dogs That Have Stopped Working (Pics)

  • 1

    "This guy sure knows how to take a photo!"

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  • 2

    "My bf picked up my cat and she just froze like this for a full minute. XD"

  • 3

    "Stopped working while deciding whether to leave the couch or stay"

    Dog breed
  • 4

    "He was in the middle of grooming when someone rang the doorbell.. sat like that for 10-15 minutes"

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  • 5

    "So, Cleo doesn't like cans in the cupholders so she barks at them until they're gone. Once we move them, she does this."

    Dog breed
  • 6

    "My mother's new kitten definitely identifies as a smol derp..."

    Small to medium-sized cats
  • 7

    "Error K9: Has stopped working"

    Dog breed
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  • 8

    "The cat is broken"

  • 9

    "Temporary shut down after seeing snow for the first time!"

  • 10

    "My derps"

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  • 11

    "Yes, that's a wall."

  • 12

    "Stogie's not sure what to do with his Christmas bone.."

    Dog breed - ATREC STNO
  • 13

    "Heard a loud noise while cleaning and his tongue was stuck like this"

    Organism - வேவ் BI
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  • 14

    "My cat decided to lay like this for a solid 10 minutes"

  • 15

    "Did I catch you at a bad time, Pretzel?"

    Small to medium-sized cats
  • 16

    "Steve found a new way to sleep."

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  • 17

    "you ok?"

    Small to medium-sized cats


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