I Can Has Cheezburger?

33 Adoption Stories To Help Spread The Word

  • 1

    "Wife heard meowing in the bushes at the gas station. And found. Lionel. Say hi to the newest addition to our family."

    Small to medium-sized cats
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  • 2

    "Meet Korben - My newly rescued kitty who was living in a storm drain"

  • 3

    "My new adopted rescue pup: Sunnymae!"

  • 4

    Bonus: "2 months ago: “we absolutely are not getting a cat.” Now:"

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  • 5

    "We adopted two kitties last week. We got them home and notice one of them is covered in hearts. Seven and counting. Here’s River, King of Hearts."

  • 6

    "Meet Charlie!"

    Dog breed
  • 7

    "Adopted my first puppy ever today. I’m so excited and nervous to start this adventure."

    Dog breed
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  • 8

    "First time cat dad. I’m in love"

  • 9

    "I thought I was getting a kitten but apparently I got a Parrot."

  • 10

    "My new baby"

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  • 11

    "After months of searching for a dog, we finally adopted one. Say hello to Fussel"

    Dog breed
  • 12

    "I'm the type of guy who never wanted cats, but I promised my girlfriend she'd get one if she moved to my town... I'm happy she kept me on my promise. Meet Goku, my buddy"

  • 13

    "My newest rescue and gaming buddy - meet Falkor."

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  • 14

    "I know its a simple picture but I’ve never had a cat until now and I just think he’s the most precious thing!"

  • 15

    "I didn’t adopt her. She adopted me. :) I don’t make the rules. It’s been 3 days and she absolutely loves me. Catio coming soon and many adventures ahead of us."

  • 16

    "This is Bill! We adopted him from the shelter today. He is 8 years old and getting used to his new home!"

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  • 17

    "Adopted a cat today...I think she accepts us."

  • 18

    "New flat mate"

  • 19

    "Louis the blind dog got adopted today!"

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  • 20

    "Adopted this floof less than a week ago and he already has my heart. This is Gimli!"

  • 21

    "Say hi to our newest family member, Helga"

  • 22

    "Meet Keira, the newest member of my family!"

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  • 23

    "I brought her home this morning and we’re already the best of pals. Rosie is the best"

  • 24

    "Our foster puppy when we told her we were adopting her"

  • 25

    "Last year I got my first apartment and now, my first ever kitten. Meet Fuzz Aldrin."

    Finger - DALL
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  • 26

    "Caught a stray kitten today, she made her first biscuits this morning, meet Maya!"

  • 27

    "We found a little girl crying outside in the rain so we took her. Say hi to Ivy!"

  • 28

    "Poor boy got abandoned at a local restaurant, he's very happy at his new home"

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  • 29

    "Just adopted this little guy from the animal shelter. He seems happy."

  • 30

    "7 month old boy from the shelter, only had him for a week and a half"

  • 31

    "Got this little girl today. Best day of my life."

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  • 32

    "We got a puppy this week from a street dog rescue in Guadalajara. Meet Donatella!"

    Dog breed - betw genufne RK SMART SERIES
  • 33

    "My dog's first day home after living in a shelter for over 3 years. He's worried if he falls asleep, it will all go away."


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