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'Rubbish' Pet Portraits Raise Over £50k For Homeless

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    "A fake pet profile for this dog says: "Timothy likes skidding about in the mud, playing pranks on the neighbour’s cat and listening to Tunisian Gangster Rap.""

    Dog - 00
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    "The Hercule Facebook page said: "I don’t know what she’s called, but I’ve named her Claudia Sniffer.""

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    "One 'reviewer' on the site said: "There are so many things I want to scream at you and none of them are good.""

    Horse - 00 Herule Va Wolficle
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    "Hercule: "I was asked to draw this olden day black and white picture in colour. Of course, not a problem at all.""

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    "Fake pet profile: "Pauline Porche likes the finer things in life like Waitrose, walks across the golf course and Nescafé Azera.""

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    "Fake customer review: "It looks like a dot-to-dot picture that’s been drawn by someone who can’t count. Or hold a pencil properly.""



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