I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (22 Images + 2 Vid)

  • 1

    "This one eyed cat just got adopted at work. I nicknamed him Patches."

    Cat - 00 0000
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  • 2

    "This is our new kitty Mamba"

  • 3

    "Everyone say hello to my newly adopted German shepherd Tyson. Happiest day of my life. In our culture, we put a flower necklace as a token of welcome."

  • 4

    "My wife and I taking this rescue pup to his forever home"

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  • 5

    "First ever cat, was never allowed to have one. This is the best!"

  • 6

    "My foster Socks at PetSmart. He got adopted!"

    Glasses - Charitio
  • 7

    "My fiance caught the exact moment when Rusty and I fell for each other. We had to adopt him right away"

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  • 8

    "Just recently got this little fuzzball, meet Loki!"

  • 9

    "Can you tell she’s excited to be adopted? Meet my little baby, Cannoli!"

  • 10

    "Adopted a new baby last week (orange tabby) his name is Sol. Excuse me while I cry"

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  • 11

    "Can't believe I went the first 33 years of my life without a dog. I've never loved like this before. Beautiful Maggie."

  • 12

    "This is Toby. I found him at work under some pallets during a heavy rain storm. I sat in the rain for 40 minutes to gain his trust to come out and now he’s home safe and happy!"

  • 13

    "meet my new best friend Jolene!"

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  • 14

    "My dad just got a new puppy... I think he likes me"

  • 15

    "Meet Harlow! Adopted yesterday and already working on her smile, it’s a struggle sometimes."

  • 16

    "My brother Tom with our new puppy, Alfie :)"

    Dog - INDUSTRIAL Machi Parts
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  • 17

    "So happy to be able to adopt this handsome guy today."

  • 18

    "We adopted a friend for our 10 month old girl. I can’t tell if they like each other or not"

  • 19

    "Meet our Mochi. We found her inside a tree at a Turkish market. Tonight she sleeps with heating for the first time."

    Dog - PE
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  • 20

    "Meet Nugget - my new good boy I got from the humane society"

  • 21

    Bonus: "Adopted this guy about a month ago. He’s 8 years old and due to previous owner he’s scared of almost everything. Progress has been slow but he’s beginning to warm to his new home. Everyone, meet Noah."

  • 22

    Bonus: "2020 wasn't all that bad, we got Momo and Muffin!"



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