People Expose Their Embarrassing Crush Stories

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    Font - r/teenagers · Posted by u/erinistrash 17 2 years ago embarrassing crush stories Other i'll start. in like year 8, i fancied this guy who was a family friend, and he came round my house for a party. he spent like the first hour outside playing football with his brother, but my best friend wanted to know what he looked like. i decided the best idea was to take a picture of him from an upstairs window. when he came in later for food, he asked me why i was taking pictures of him. i wanted to

    Reddit user u/erinistrash asked people to share their most embarrassing crush stories, but not before sharing her own cringy memory. Don't you hate it when you get caught looking like paparazzi? How do you show your face again? I don't want to talk about it anymore, its too Cringeeeeee.

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    Font - peshkata30030 5 months ago I told her i like her infront of the whole fucking class and she cried and left the room 2 + Reply Give Award Share Report Save

    Maybe she was overwhelmed with love? Yep, seems like the only probable explanation. People make crazy decisions when they're in love, like humiliating the person who outwardly admitted having a crush on them in front of the whole class. Do you see? Nothing to be embarrassed about, It's totally normal...

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    Font - Absurdityindex 5 months ago Had a huge crush on a guy in highschool but my mind would always blank when I tried to talk to him because I was so nervous so I would always ask dumb things like what day it was. The cringe! He was always really sweet about it though and seemed to understand that I had some issues with social skills at the time. Thanks Tony! Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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    Sports uniform - TONY 47
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    Rectangle - Swollenhamster 5 months ago I was always looking for excuses to touch him. I found out he was double jointed in all of his fingers. We were already pretty good friends so I would just come over, pick up his hand and bend them in class. A bunch of cringy shit like that. But he also wrote me poetry so I guess we were both just big ol messes. 1 Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - michellezssa 1 year ago I'm was hanging out with him and some friends at the beach, we were walking along the shore and I tripped on a rock... as I was falling I was falling his direction and when he realized he moved. I hit the ground face first into the water and sand, my phone hit the water and he just stood there 4 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Smile - peacod
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    Font - dingus_with_a_crush 1 year ago We finished our test early and we were sitting next to each other and he was letting me draw on his arm. I needed his arm to be close to me so I took it, and with out realizing it, set it down on my thigh. I turned away to grab my first marker and he had moved his arm so that it was being held in the air like an inch above where I put it. Only then did I realize where I put his hand originally. Neither one of us acknowledged what had just happened but once I
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    Font - TheOneFearlessFalcon 11 months ago When I was a kid I had a crush on this girl in school. (4th grade or so, so highly juvenile.) She told me she'd hang out with me at recess if I ran 3 laps around the entire playground at recess without stopping. And our playground had 2 playsets and a parking lot for kickball. Surprise surprise, I actually did it, and she admitted that she had fully expected me not to. She actually did relent and agree to hang out, but I let her go spend time with her fr
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    Rectangle - Sorelath 11 months ago Getting a crush on a contestant in a TV show as a teenager. Actually trying to think of a way to have our lives converge somehow. Man, was I a dense walnut. 3 + Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - thunderbird999123 5 months ago My niece (before I knew incest was bAD) Sweet home Alabamaaaaa Reply Share
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    Forehead -
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    Font - mscleo55 11 months ago Had a crush on this guy with a Mohawk my freshman year in high school and we'd flirt all the time and hang out at lunch. I really believed he liked me until one day I saw him holding hands with this other girl and she saw me came up to me and said, "I'm sorry I know you liked him but he's with me now" I don't think there was a need to tell me it was obvious and I felt embarrassed that I made it obviously that I liked him ↑ 3 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Forehead - fyeahthatssoraven DADDY, I'M DUMB!
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    Font - kasidee11 11 months ago A guy at college who was in my class liked a certain band. I spent months researching songs, albums, I bought t shirts, albums but because it was an overseas band, they hadn't yet toured so we hadn't seen them live. He obviously took noticed that we liked the same band. One day, he bought the New album to class. I hadn't heard it yet but I faked it. This was our first major conversation. I was so nervous that I forgot the full name of 2 members, got my songs mixed
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    Rectangle - Nicoletta 18 1 year ago I confessed to my childhood playmate crush on Valentine's Day. I quote his reply. "Yeah, I know." Give Award Share Report Save
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