World Cup and the GROUP OF DEATH!

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    GHANA: Ranked 24th

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    Over the last 3 or 4 world cups the Ghana national team has steadily improved as they currently sit in 24th place on FIFA's world rankings. To make matter's worse, in the last world cup in 2010, it was Ghana who knocked out the USMNT. And, needless to say, the US will be looking for a bit of revenge. Hopefully, from the looks of it, the current USMNT maybe the team to do it, but Ghana has shown time and time again they are not to be taken lightly.
    Consider this first match to be one of the most fun and energetic games of the group stage.
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    PORTUGAL: Ranked 5th

    Really I only have 2 words to say about Portugal "Cristiano Ronaldo." That bastard is tricksy. Currently the Portuguese sit 5th on the list of FIFA rankings and damned if they haven't earned it.
    The USMNT will have to be on their toes for this match, and try to be equally tricky in breaking down the stalwart Portuguese defense.
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    GERMANY: Ranked 2nd

    Finally we come to the elephant in the room. Currently ranked #2 in the world by FIFA the German national team is known for their swift attacking and clever, unified passing. This soccer behemoth is one hell of an opponent for the USMNT.
    This could be one of the most triumph or tragic moments of the 2014 world cup, and it's in the group stage. We're getting on the drama boat early this year people.


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