I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (26 Images + 4 Vids)

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    "She hid for the first week, but now she can’t get enough cuddles and pets. Meet Gracie!"

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    "I was adopted by this little lady today. Meet Freckles."

  • 3

    "I adopted Scotty Kitten yesterday and we’re totally obsessed with each other"

  • 4

    "My daughter wanted a kitten of her own and I said there was absolutely no way no how never in a million years nuh-uh we were NOT getting a second cat. Anyways, he finally sat still for 2 seconds so meet Takashi Shirogane."

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  • 5

    "The dog my family and I are currently trying to adopt. Please cross your fingers for us that we get this sweet boy"


    Fingers crossed! 

  • 6

    "Just drove to Alabama from Florida to pick this little guy up! Best Valentine's Day gift a family could ever receive!"

  • 7

    "Just helped my boss adopt a puppy"

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  • 8

    Bonus: "It took 3 months, but our rescue boy has learned that beds are safe and comfy. After 5 years alone in an outdoor concrete run, it's beautiful to see him so relaxed."

  • 9

    "My newly adopted son"

    Cat - Caokies
  • 10

    "Abaddons last day as a stray"

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  • 11

    "Just got a half blind rescue cat. Thought he’d be scared on his first day but no..."

  • 12

    "We adopted Buddy today. He is 5 years old and this is his first night at home. In our bed."

  • 13

    "My new one-eyed kitten :)"

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  • 14

    "Meet Cece! Adopted her on Wednesday and she is settling in. Patience!"

  • 15

    "This is Carl, the new dog of my parents. He is 7 weeks old and sleeps the whole day."

  • 16

    "I adopted two kittens today and now they are part of the family"

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  • 17

    "I adopted a rescue bulldog. Now I’m never alone, literally."

  • 18

    "This is Nazuka, we rescued him a couple hours ago. He used to live under a broke down car, we adopted him and he's now my husband's first dog."

  • 19

    "My new baby Eevee!"

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  • 20

    "Everyone, meet ivy our new maincoon!"

  • 21

    "I adopted my first cat today!! Meet Nova!"

  • 22

    "We adopted these guys together recently. I hope they love each other this much forever."

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  • 23

    "Thomas. Someone abandoned him next to the vet. We took him in."

  • 24

    "Recently adopted Boba. Boba is a kisser."

  • 25

    "8-year-old Bumble O’Malley’s first day home post adoption - the first thing he did after he got done exploring was hop up and take a nap on my lap. I can’t handle it."

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  • 26

    "Meet Miyu!!! My heart is full after adopting this little princess earlier today."

  • 27

    "First night at home, I think she’ll do just fine."

  • 28

    Bonus: "Since I adopted her she has been hiding under the couch and today she came to me for the first time after two weeks."

    Cat - SA3DD 1HOME
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  • 29

    "Drove 2 hours to pick up this little guy before Snowocalypse hit Oklahoma. Meet Merlin."

  • 30

    "Rescued this wonderful 12 year-old boy and he is sure happy! This is his first home as he was a stray his whole life and spent a year in the shelter since nobody wanted to adopt him due to his advanced age. --


    He brought home is favorite toys and now he has a comfy bed and loving home." 


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