Ben Carson Utters Unfortunate Phrasing During a Roasting From Elizabeth Warren

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    The appointment of Dr. Carson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is one of the many controversial appointments by President-Elect Trump.

    Regardless of where you stand politically, we hope you have the ability to see the hilarity of this gaffe given his appointed position.
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    The unfortunate choice of words basically went like this..

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    We get where he was probably trying to go with this one. He was probably trying to say that he won't benefit any Americans (including Trumps) private corporate interests.

    But let's have a laugh shall we?
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    Here's the video. The question and Dr. Carson's response comes at 1:08.

    The rest of the hearing was pretty tame. With people mostly divided over his experience and qualifications. As well as some of his strange personal policies.
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