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Cats' Inappropriately Timed Funny Bursts Of Energy (Facebook Posts)

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    Rectangle - Tina Riegel A couple of mine have that mad dash of energy, but only to flee from the stinky poop they just left in the litter box so it won't get blamed on them!! 8. Like Reply Message 2d

    Is this a thing for other people's cats as well? Mine also sometimes has running fits right as she exists the litterbox. What is it exactly that happens in there when I don't look? What makes him lose his mind like that? Do I even wanna know or if this one of those cat secrets that should forever and always stay a cat secret? 

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    Hair - Maggie Cornwall My cat Simba is a dab hand at parkour the way he bounces off furniture when in full flight. He also sounds like a pack of horses the way he bolts around.

    It's especially bad when your cat is chonkier than most. When mine gets the zoomies in the middle of the night and starts galloping around the house and across my bed, full speed and full force, not only does my furniture goes flying, but when he runs over my stomach, I literally get my breath knocked out of me. Still love him though. So much. 

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    Font - Muriel Scheurer I am so glad my cat is getting older, she is 16. Instead of ungodly hours, she gets her daily morning zoomies at a luxurious 7.30. Still, seeing excorsist like scenes, as in cat flings herself on side of couch, turns head upside down, doing the creepy green flashy eye thing, howling like a wolf in dire need of icecream before she freaking lifts up, as in really up and then running off to who nows where (usually the stairs) at nearly the speed of light, is not something one
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    Rectangle - Helen Reardon Mine had the zoomies on Monday, running around doing furniture parkour and knocking EVERYTHING over. Spring has arrived! Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Font - Debbi Reaid When I first go Mo he turned every damn thing in the house over! What's in this, oh a stupid plant. Dirt everywhere. What's in this, oh were you drinking that? EW EW now my paws are wet. I had to warn all guests the cat's an asshole, watch your drinks! Many paid the price of having a drink dumped on them. Garbage cans were no match for him. He's an old man now and doesn't do any of that any more. Like · Reply Message · 2d
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    Human body - Laurie Foster I call mine the Thundercats because of the noise they make as they run around the house
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    Human body - Neil Mcdonald Morton Yep that's cats for you. Sometime it all kicks of middle of the night. Chase me, chase me games. Or loud meowing. Yep that's cats for you.
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    Vertebrate - Garrett Yoneda I was cat sitting for my brother and his family. The cat would run down the hallway and jump on and off of my bed at three in the morning. After the first night, I got use to it. Lol
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    Font - Elaine Hamilton Completely relatable.. mine sounds like a race horse, skids across the wooden floor in the kitchen, 'rounds the corner wall, jumps over the recliner in the living room every morning. 5 Like Reply Message 1d
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    Font - Desiranna Senatore My cat Friskie yowls whenever she "kills" one if her toys. Her yowl sounds like she's in the most horrific pain and is going to die at any second. After 10 years it still makes me jump. But no that's just her victory song. 25 Like · Reply · Message 2d Edited
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    Font - AMaureen C. Dance My cat,Spazzy, doesn't really live up to her name. My previous cat, Medya, was a different story. He'd run around the apartment, bouncing off walls and furniture to change direction. Like, it never seemed to occur to him that it's a small apartment, and he could get from point A to point B just as easily by walking.
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    Human body - Candice Siracuse My cat will be sleeping, and as soon as i lay down to sleep, he gets up and starts screaming throughout the house like we all just abandoned him. Like Reply · Message · 2d
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    Font - Paula Dixon Boggs Zoomies. My cat does them at midnight, and anywhere from 3-6 am. Wakes me up every morning doing zoomies. Only reasonto not get rid of her is she keeps the mouse in fhe kitchen from actually coming out of thr drawers.
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    Handwriting - Amanda Blain My kitten likes to wait until I'm almost asleep then creep up by my head and yowl at the top of her voice. Then takes off like a bat out of hell cuz I jump and scared the hell out of her.
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    Font - O Top Fan Sarah Norris Oh yeah can relate.our cat will try to enthusiastically dig to fucken Australia through the bottom of the litter tray, then bolt out like a whippet with a bum full of dynamite, do cartoon running-but-getting-nowhere on the wooden floor until she makes it to the living room where she will gallop, wild eyed and bushy tailed, across every piece of furniture in her path, claws out and giving no shits where they go, thunder up the stairs, throw herself around the corner
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    Rectangle - Lisa Julie Downing Ah, yes, the 5am Cat Olympics. Like Reply Message 2d

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