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Funny Tumblr Posts About Cats' Unexpected Bursts Of Energy

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    Font - itsthighnoon my cat, for no goddamn reason at all except that he's a cat and he can do whatever the fuck he wants: what if i just run at this wall, do a sick kickflip, scare myself with the sound it makes, and then proceed to run over your sleeping body? would that be fucked up or what #me @ my cat: i hate so much about the things you choose to be 201,610 notes

    At least one thing is for sure: if you hear noises in the middle of the night, your first reaction is never to think that there might be instant panic at the thought of someone breaking into your house. Your first reaction will forever and always be "cat, go back to beeeeeeeeeed." So, that's definitely a good thing that comes out of crazy 3am cat shenanigans.

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    Mammal - getagriponmyboyracerrollbar Follow This happens every night at my house but it's usually River chasing Angel and Angel is the one running across my face.
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    Font - brightlotusmoon Follow my cat, for no goddamn reason at all except for being a cat: Even though there is a bit of kibble in the bowl, I demand there be gooshyfood on a plate at the very moment. I shall sing a very hungry song of my people at my human while it is an ungodly hour, and I shall include a bright interpretive dance right on top of the sleeping human.

    Is this a thing with cats? That little bit of kibble left in the bowl- my cat never wants to eat it. She pushes it all out to the sides of the bowl and then screams at me as if the bowl is empty. Whether it's 6am, midday, or the middle of the night - if there's a little bit of kibble left on the sides of the bowl, that means that the bowl is completely empty in her kitty cat mind.

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    Font - risahraun Follow One time I was chilling eating some cereals, and for no discernible reason, one of my cats went absolutely apeshit. Like from 0-100, sitting in a fluff ball to straight up crack cat. And he ran through my cereal like that shit was going to reach out of the shitty dollar store bowl and strangle me to death Thanks Simba 10/10, fucking milk and cereal EVERYWHERE
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    Mammal - dragonfox-in-a-teacup Follow My cat because she's weird: what if I grab this toy mouse in my mouth and run down the hall making a weird yodeling noise at 3 am? Would that be annoying or no
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    Sky - imrickgrimesbeeyatch Follow My fucking cat will jump onto the table and slide, but have one paw out to intentionally knock shit off the table.
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    Font - akoiishi Follow Today my cat came galloping like a demon hellfire horse out of our kitchen, did a Tokyo drift around the rocking chair, ran up the couch, and finally launched herself directly into the center of the blinds in the window. The little shit hid under the couch for 3 hours after she brought the blinds crashing down and terrified herself.
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    Font - autumneam Follow My cat after she takes a poop (and I swear this only happens when I'm tryna sleep), will zip 100mph around the room, knocking shit down, running over my body, going nuts, and then once you //think// she's done, something will make a noise, usually something she's knocked around and BAM! she's off again like a horse at starting gate. Sometimes I just gotta wrangle her and snuggle her until she chills the fuck out. Sometimes it doesnt work, and I just give up.
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    Font - matokah Follow my cat, last night, in the spirit of this post: what if I just make horrific vomit sounds under the bed at 4 in the morning on Christmas Day for sixty straight seconds, like vomit sounds where you're concerned I might be barfing internal organs straight onto the carpet and about which you motherfuckers can do nothing because l'm at the exact center of the bed where no one can reach me? And what if you you have to wake yourselves fully up, turn on the lights, find an instrum
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    Rectangle - quietsockmonkey Follow My cat woke me up at 6am today because someone in the hallway outside our apartment was "too loud" and scared him. So he ran around like a mini horse because of course he would.
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    Rectangle - gigglepuffpixie Follow my cat, for no goddamn reason at all except for being a cat: lam: i found a toy! *jingle jingle* this is awesome! *jingle jingle* i have killed the vile creature! *jingle jingle* let me sing many songs of victory! *jingle jingle*
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    Font - toss-a-heckin-coin Follow it's funny because, my dog, because she's very helpful: what if I'm just laying here quietly, and someone in a car drives in, and they're dressed in a shirt and tie, and they're driving a red van, and I bark like a savage beast because they're those people who force their religion on people and I hate it? How fuckin' useful would that be?

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