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ICanHasCheezburger Users Share Wholesome Ways Their Pets Comfort Them

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    Facial expression - Elly McCarthy Whenever I'm upset, Sakura is always all over me. She will purr and paw at my clothes until I let her snuggle with me. She's my baby, and I guess you can say she's kind of my emotional support cat except she's not certified and I don't take her anywhere. She always like to try to get as close as possible to me. OD 156

    Sometimes, all that you really need is the proximity. You know, as an owner, that they don't show love the same ways humans do. You understand their behavior, and you recognize when their behavior towards you is different than normal. So, when they come closer to you than normal, trying to show you some extra affection and comfort, you definitely know how to appreciate that as well.

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    Handwriting - Caitlyn Weiger I was crying and had me hand hanging off the couch. He brought me his favorite toy and dropped in my hand and just sat there with big eyes staring at me until I close my hand around it and pet him. OD9 37 Like · Reply Message 22h

    And sometimes, they go the extra mile and bring us something that makes them personally happy in the hopes of making us happy. You tell me if you could ever withstand smiling at something like that happening, because I definitely can't. Any show of affection from my pets makes me the happiest person in the world, and imagining something like this happening is no different. 

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    Cat - Walker Map * +2 She knew mom had a broken shoulder 6 Like · Reply · 3d
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    Font - Selena Eberon I was sick with a cold around Christmas..having a little trouble sleeping and breathing with a sore throat..I woke up to find my cats Zaia and Elphaba (mother and daughter) curled up on me..Zaia on my chest, Elphaba curled on my shoulder her head and neck resting on my throat.both of them purring with all their might...it was so sweet they were trying to heal me in the cat way...I did start to feel better after that. 38 Like · Reply · Message 22h
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    Font - Lena Mon My cat caught a mouse and put it in my mouth while was sleeping. Like · Reply · 3d
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    Rectangle - Heather Niemi I was having a truly crappy day yesterday, and my ragdoll cat kept coming up to me and wanted to be held. He draped himself over my shoulder, purred in my ear, and snuggled my face for hours. It was exactly what I needed. He's the best cuddle buddy! Like · Reply · Message 16h
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    Rectangle - Top Fan Amy Cavalier He always knows when l'm sad or sick, and comforts me! Pets have such wonderful souls and I'm sure they have healing powers. OD 5 Like · Reply · Message 21h - Edited
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    Cat - Gretchen Russell Shortly after my double mastectomy, when Max wasn't allowed on my chest (his usual spot), he would lay on the arm of the recliner and 'hold' me. OBD 13 Like · Reply · Message 22h
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    Font - Nicolle Myers My childhood kitty, Randy, was the biggest sweetheart. I would lie on the floor, put my face in my arms and pretend to cry. Randy would run over to me and give the biggest head-bonk! Of course, he would do the same if I really cried. All of his cuddles, purrs, and head-bonks always made me feel better. I sure miss him! 3 Like · Reply 3d
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    Facial expression - Mary Ducker My Luna runs to me and snuggle/head butts until she knows l'm okay. This is a siamese cat who's not super affectionate and absolutely HATES cuddles!!! Like · Reply · Message 20h
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    Human body - Adele Stirpe Growing up we had a cat named PB... I was upset and crying and holding him like a baby. He lifted his paw up and placed it on my cheek. What a sweet guy! 12 Like · Reply Message 22h
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    Font - Kristin Leigh Baker A short while after I got home from Iraq I had a panic attack. I never had one before so I was freaking out. I was sitting on the floor and my dog Panda came over, put her head on my chest and just let me hold her until I came out of it. Like · Reply · Message 22h
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    Font - Melanie Lewis Our one cat Sophie is not a lap cat. In January, we lost my boyfriend's dad. My boyfriend came home upset and set on the couch with me. Sophie came and jumped up on the couch. She put her front paws on his legs and laid there to be petted and comfort him. 10 minutes later she felt she had done her job and left. 7 Like · Reply · Message 21h
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    Font - Nicolette Van Den Heever I get stomach viruses quite easily, which means basically living in the bathroom. One very nasty spell had me in the bathroom every hour right through the night. At one stage lying on the cold tiles to help with the nausea. Scout got up every time I got up and went with me to the bathroom. When I go back to bed, he comes and snuggles, and so it went on the whole night. Cosmo (bless his sweet kitty soul) gave up around two in the morning and left me on my own. Not
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    Font - Franzi Höhn Ca. 7 years ago I had a very very bad time. I cried every day. My cat always slept next to me and went everywhere I was going. At one night I was crying very much and he was lying next to me, saw it and wiped away my tears with his paw. He was and is still my best buddy even he lives at my parents flat. He becomes 15 years this year And everytime he sees someone crying he acts like a little clown to bring a smile back on our faces. 14 Like · Reply Message 21h Edited
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    Font - Melissa Bennett The odd little cat would come running up and gently bite and hold on to my toe. Then she would make little 'tribbling' sounds until I would smile and talk to her. Then she would walk away. Very sweet but very odd! Then it dawned on me that when she was upset or not feeling well I would sit with her and rub her feet. 11 Like · Reply · Message 21h
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    Font - Top Fan Donna Newbie My cat was in her last days & I had been unconsolably sobbing all Friday knowing l'd be taking her for her last trip to the vet on Monday. Sugar came out of her quiet place to sleep on my head all Saturday night one last time then remained in her place under my bed the rest of the weekend. I feel like she used the last of her strength to comfort me. OD 13 Like · Reply · Message 17h
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    Font - Alexis Graham Hoffman I was having a cry one day shortly after we adopted our dog. Things had just been piling up and a good cry releases tension. My sweet girl jumped on the couch and started licking the tears from my face. Then she just put her head in my lap and stayed there with me until I was ready to get up. OBD 8 Like · Reply Message 21h
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    Cat - Virginia McCallum I came home after surgery and my Niska curled up against my side and snuggled against me until we both feel asleep. She's very independent and prefers to sleep alone under the bed. It was so nice to have her snuggle against me. 13 Like Reply Message 22h
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    Font - Justin McGuire My wife and I were incredibly careful, but still managed to get COVID through my job. Our Taco Terrier (who is already the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing or knowing of) and our Sheltie (who doesn't show affection at all, as a rule) laid with us and on us in ways that they never had before. They knew we were quite sick and were letting us know that it was alright and that they were there for us. ODS 11 Like Reply Message 21h Edited
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    Gesture - Erika Irvin Frame My cats came to cuddle with me when I had covid. They wouldn't leave my side. I found out that cats purrs have healing properties so I think it was their way of making sure I got better OD 15 Like · Reply Message 22h
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    Font - Crystal Soignier My cat who was my baby and about a service animal to me passed away suddenly. It was traumatic. I ended up getting a kitten. I couldn't take the silence after Katniss was gone. She used to meow and purr at the same time. A week after I got the kitten, Sebastian, he was cuddling and started to meow purr. I LOST it. Sebastian then licked my tears. I cried even more. OD 40 Like · Reply Message 22h

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Mariel is the resident cat lady, and she's very serious about that role. Her cat is always curled up on her lap during Zoom meetings, and yes, she will call attention to it and make sure everyone notices. Second only to cats, writing is her passion. It only makes sense that she writes content about animals for a living. She also likes nature, excessively large mugs of coffee, and lemony deserts.

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About the Author

Mariel is the resident cat lady, and she's very serious about that role. Her cat is always curled up on her lap during Zoom meetings, and yes, she will call attention to it and make sure everyone notices. Second only to cats, writing is her passion. It only makes sense that she writes content about animals for a living. She also likes nature, excessively large mugs of coffee, and lemony deserts.