I Can Has Cheezburger?

Doggos Doing Their Very Best (Memes)

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    Dog - This is Betty and Rhett. Rhett just wanted ONE toy to play with, but Betty got to them first. She always does this. 14/10 for Rhett, 13/10 for Betty

    Clearly, she just wanted to be twice as good of a girl as she already was, and we cannot fault her for that. She's doing her best, and we support it. It's not like we would leave Rhett unloved though, we would find two toys and give them to him as well. We love them both equally, and they need to know that. 

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    White - mentally i'm this dog ever since quarantine started

    This dog is also trying its best, we're sure of it. As we have been trying our best as well during this quarantine. Sometimes, you just have to lie down on your back in the middle of your floor and contemplate how your life is going, and that's totally fine too. Taking breaks is part of living, man. If you didn't take breaks, you would get nothing done at all. 

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    Dog - When the slightest thing goes wrong at work FEAN I'm gettin fuckin drunk today
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    Product - Me: accidentally spills vodka on the floor Dog: licks the floor Me: wtf Dog:
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    Product - Motherboard @motherboard Science says your dog isn't really that special bit.ly/2Y2WDPT PETTY MAYONNAISE elizabeth @elizabethkailey Science can catch these hands
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    Dog - When someone is crying and you don't know what to do u want water?
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    Furniture - When my dog wants attention he gently bites a piece of furniture, holds perfectly still, and makes aggressive eye contact. It's pretty weird and very funny. Also it works.
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    Dog - Grizzzly @GrizzlySZN Can't tell Tank "no" for nothing in the world because then he does this and makes me feel like shit
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    Dog - Tesla WASNT LYING Man- THAT beyond comprehension made Eic Horrors CAN
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    Smile - hippopotomonstro- sesquippedaliophobia (n.) the fear of long words The guy with the phobia The guys who named it
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    Dog - ma'am,l'm doing everything I can
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    Dog - When you peed on every fence during your walk so you went from "Good boy" to "Boy the Great"
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    Dog - How all middle aged men take selfies for their profile pic
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    Dog - School saying Wikipedia is untrustworthy Me using the sources Wikipedia used
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    Organism - Patton Oswalt ... @pattonoswalt Somebody green light this movie NOW NOW NOW Danny Trejo O @officialDannyT So sorry to hear about your dogs @ladygaga, we got people out there looking for them. 7:44 PM · 2/25/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Dog - Oh hello did someone just open something plastic? Is it for me?
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    Dog - Mirror only $10
  • 18
    Dog - ICE @REALBURTIIS count your fucking days petsmart

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