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Dogs Getting Offensively Funny Haircuts At PetSmart (Viral Tweets)

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    Dog - ICE ... @REALBURTIIS count your fucking days petsmart 5:18 AM Feb 26, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 76.3K Retweets 16.5K Quote Tweets 548.9K Likes

    We are... so sad for your puppy but also oh my god we can't stop laughing. Why is this so funny? Your dog looks so different after the haircut, so confused, like it understands that it looks insane now. We love it though, we promise, we're sure your pup is amazing, it's just... so funny. 

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    Forehead - Kden ... @kendallchambers Replying to @REALBURTIIS Dropped off a $2000 dog picked up a crack feen TIDA #TIDALXB 7:13 AM Feb 26, 2021 Twitter for Android 595 Retweets 37 Quote Tweets 22.6K Likes
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    Dog - Ti.ShepherdO @cCin_Cin44 ... Replying to @REALBURTIIS they did the same thing to my Husky

    Okay, but at least your doggo still looks super handsome after. He probably won't be able to run around in snow for a little while, but he definitely looks like he's ready to go out on a date with his new lady friend and be a pawfect gentleman with her. Still, good as he looks, we will hope for a slightly less bald-looking haircut next time. 

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    Dog - @TomoniqueUnique Replying to @REALBURTIIS They did the same thing to my dog!
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    Dog - court coleman @courtcoleman12 ... Replying to @REALBURTIIS suing petsmart
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    Facial expression - Missy Elliott @MissyElliott ... Replying to @REALBURTIIS a now dats Now why they do that baby like dat smh not eeeen right 43 GIF 7:41 AM · Feb 26, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 285 Retweets 26 Quote Tweets 12.5K Likes
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    Dog - future divorcée ... @k9surprise Replying to @REALBURTIIS we knew he was gettin cut this short cuz he was full of mats but we are still shook
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    Dog - Jerrilynn @Jerri_Lynn25 ... Replying to @REALBURTIIS I AM SCREAMING!? 7:05 AM - Feb 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 164 Retweets 26 Quote Tweets 6,402 Likes
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    Font - Captain of the Ghetto @IMaPAULed Replying to @REALBURTIIS Man naw.. this look like the chicken off Moana 6:12 AM Feb 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 84 Retweets 18 Quote Tweets 5,490 Likes
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    Dog - Gianna 0 ... @giannapallotta Replying to @REALBURTIIS i second that s
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    Dog - anime for life @hazigirl22 Replying to @REALBURTIIS BRUHHHHHH my son went from this to this he is a poodle he look like a chihuahua
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    Dog - brandon yon @djdommb Replying to @REALBURTIIS 7:01 AM Feb 26, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 891 Retweets 120 Quote Tweets 18.9K Likes
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    Dog - 111 @yuanknowit Replying to @REALBURTIIS WHY DID THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO MEEEEEE ains atuA
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    Dog - Jitta ... @ThelitNextDoor Replying to @REALBURTIS "This edible aint shi-" 7:49 AM - Feb 26, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,082 Retweets 99 Quote Tweets 19.5K Likes
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    Dog - taryn * @tiinker_x3 ... Replying to @REALBURTIIS Not all of us are bad

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