16 Funny Starterpacks That Are Very Relatable

  • 1
    Joint - Maintenance Guy Starter Pack "Yeah I can take a look at it" Polar Pop "Give me 20 and P'll figure out what's wrong" Grabs a drink or lunch at a fast food place IGH "Man, that's really stuck!" Stock Starts at 8am every day
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    Wheel - Pet-themed movie starterpack Wanted by Vicious animal shelter animal control Involves getting lost from owner TikiranRaky Doberman, bulldog. or pitbull as "antagonist" Talk gibberish from human POV
  • 3
    Musical instrument - 'I play this instrument' starter pack WELL I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW" "I have ADHD" "do you accept reddit karma" "I have no idea how this thing works" "I have neglectful parents" *playing carless whisper* "I bring this thing everywhere" "spongebooob squarepaants hoo ha hoo ha ha hah"
  • 4
    Arm - "A fat loss ad on every Youtube video" starterpack Pizza or Salad. What do you think I am going to eat? Why running on the treadmill won't work VSHRED RONG! VSHRED OEBUNKED I don't care. I just want to watch cat videos. peneral bur instead of just having this static esercise where you te not moning KAPWING
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  • 5
    Product - The "Jock kid that everyone liked" Starter Pack 137 1,166 followers 1,524 following posts Dad was in the military Lived in the nicest neighborhood "Hey bro, nice catch out there!" *highfives you* Teachers love him Looks something walks up to teacher during class to talk about their day like this
  • 6
    Tire - The 20 year-old girl who lives off her daddy's money starter pack #blessed RYGS NN
  • 7
    Product - Real man starter pack As swift as the coursing river a alamy stock phot All the force of a great typhoon ? ? ? Mysterious as the dark side of the moon All the strength of a raging fire
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  • 8
    Photograph - Nature documentary starterpack Climate change but there is hope..
  • 9
    Product - pre-COVID waiting room starter pack Golf Direst always news or soaps
  • 10
    Plant - "Religion is the opium of the masses" amirite? Porn hub VR Kanojo / VR カノジョ NFL VR-ha ant meet yo eer 3,058 hrs on record literal opioids
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  • 11
    Facial expression - The 'sad' Bart Simpson edit starter pack 4 Cr background music is 'look at me' by xxxtentacion 15:37 MAR. 11 2018 has weird glitch/VHS aesthetic FRLLAY
  • 12
    Jaw - "why do I feel bad all the time?" starter pack consumed 1 liter "time of this over the to wake is making this meme up" "did I instead of studying for a test last week eat today?" in an endless cycle of getting bored, picking up phone, having headache, putting down phone, get bored, pick up phone seeeee 100000
  • 13
    Facial expression - Modern Disney movie starterpack EN Death scene Love interest or twist villain Cute character to sell more merch Sad for no reason :)
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  • 14
    Face - having short hair as a girl starterpack "Hello SIR" "are you really sure you want it THAT short?" why do you have to be passive aggressive, it's just a haircut after the haircut: "well you look... "I don't know why you cut it, it was so different." nice before..." people assume you're rudel aggressive for some didn't expect you to do that" reason "I just get a gay vibe from you"
  • 15
    Arm - "It's 12:08, maybe I should just nap for 10 minutes.." "Where am I...?" 1208 4:36 Always being mad as hell afterwards...
  • 16
    Plant - Clam Chowder Starterpack 10 pounds of potatoes The smallest clam you can find


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