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Cool But Underappreciated Things Animals Do (Viral Tweets)

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    Font - nat @ncm0611 People are too casual about the fact that parrots can talk 8:57 PM Mar 13, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 66.5K Retweets 3,828 Quote Tweets 508.1K Likes

    Every once in a while, we fall into the black hole on YouTube that is the "parrots talking" hole, and it really humbles us. These creatures are seriously cool, carrying out whole conversations with their humans and simultaneously being some of the most adorable beings on the planet. 

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    Font - high end chew toy @awalsh89 Replying to @ncm0611 I hadn't considered how I just accepted that. Now I feel like my dog isn't even trying! 5:01 PM · Mar 14, 2021 Twitter for Android 71 Retweets 10 Quote Tweets 3,488 Likes

    We can't agree with that actually. It definitely feel like my dog is trying to talk with me sometimes lol. He just doesn't have the necessary parts to use to be able to express all that many sounds. That's okay though, barking in different tones will do for now. Eventually, with time, considering how hard they try to talk to us, they'll probably develop something that'll allow them to do that. 

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    Font - Shayla @SuprmodelShayla ... Replying to @awalsh89 and @ncm0611 All animals can "talk" but dogs and cats have different neck structures that make it harder to hear their vocal cords make distinct sounds 9:04 PM Mar 14, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 22 Retweets 1,378 Likes
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    Rectangle - イネス @NesNestum Replying to @SuprmodelShayla @awalsh89 and @ncm0611 Yeah but parrots dont even have vocal chords, talk about a flex 10:10 PM · Mar 14, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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    Leg - richyrich323 @richyrich323 Replying to @NesNestum @SuprmodelShayla and 2 others They don't have what?! I beg your pardon! 10:32 PM · Mar 14, 2021 from Los Angeles, CA Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Nick Cain Jr @NickCainJr Replying to @richyrich323 @NesNestum and 3 others They have a syrinx it's like a completely different and upgrade system compared to a humans vocal chords lol 11:40 PM Mar 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Michael Scofield @MichaelCrane74 Replying to @ncm0611 Also how caterpillars just *turn* into butterflies. Why does no one ever talk about this?? 10:16 PM · Mar 14, 2021 Twitter for Android 61 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 1,995 Likes
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    Font - asha @ashatellslies Replying to @ncm0611 when humans go extinct all that will be left of modern language is phrases being said by pet parrots and their descendants 8:22 PM · Mar 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 154 Retweets 15 Quote Tweets 4,643 Likes
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    Font - • Until Next Time @shes_my_baby_2 ... Replying to @ncm0611 Forget parrots, ravens are scarier (but cooler) they can perfectly mimic human speech and actually sound human, parrots still sound like birds (I love parrots though, no hate) 11:07 PM · Mar 14, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 37 Retweets 5 Quote Tweets 914 Likes
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    Font - dianne wiest infection ... @like_yeast Replying to @shes_my_baby_2 and @ncm0611 i love ravens you can befriend them and they will bring u specially made presents out of branches n other small items 11:12 PM Mar 14, 2021 Twitter Web App
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    Font - uncle jimmy. @jamesverona_ Replying to @ncm0611 and @desert_honey I read a story about a Texas family who lost their parrot. the parrot eventually returned and when it returned, it was speaking Spanish 10:18 PM Mar 14, 2021 Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Jennifer Haake ... @JennieHaake Replying to @ncm0611 I worked in a Zoo and one day a little boy walked up to the parrot exhibit next to my office and yelled, "Oh my God! The bird can talk?!" I realized l'd really been taking that for granted. 9:40 PM - Mar 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 32 Retweets 1,026 Likes
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    Font - Spoon @jimmy_rickets ... Replying to @ncm0611 Elephants worship the moon and have funerals for their dead and literally no one talks about it. 9:50 PM Mar 14, 2021 Twitter for Android 1,100 Retweets 99 Quote Tweets 15.6K Likes
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    Font - Spoon @jimmy_rickets Replying to @jimmy_rickets and @ncm0611 Since people are asking, elephants have "rituals" that have to do with the moon. They wave sticks at the moon when it's waxing and bath when it's full. When an elephants dies its family gathers, sometimes from distances, to touch and smell the body and seemingly comfort each othr 10:20 PM · Mar 14, 2021 Twitter for Android 449 Retweets 34 Quote Tweets 9,288 Likes
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    Font - Spoon @jimmy_rickets ... Replying to @jimmy_rickets and @ncm0611 Critics are usually quick to point out that some of that its "anthromorphorizing" to assign feeling like grief to animals but personally I think its insane to accept that feeling like love and grief are evolutionary consequences and assist our survival by creating strong 10:23 PM · Mar 14, 2021 · Twitter for Android 75 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 2,676 Likes

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