I Can Has Cheezburger?

Heartwarming And Uplifting Doggo Snaps

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    Dog - I adopted this sweet old man with cancer seven months ago to provide loving hospice. He's in his final weeks, but as loving as ever.

    OK, who is cutting up a thousand onions? We're so sad to hear this sweet old man has cancer but at the same time, we're so grateful that he was able to find such a warm and loving home to live out the rest of his days. Thank you to those who make a difference and adopt a senior animal. We adore you. 

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    Dog - Don't forget to smile today
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    Dog - I'm going to make the assumption that he's a happy dog. Oh to not have a care in the world!
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    Sky - Miso may be a southern girl but she is loving winter on the east coast!
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    Dog - My 9 week pup loved his first time seeing snow!
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    Dog - Cooper ponders life
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    Dog - Little Lucy and big brother Buster
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    Dog - August is the master of photo outtakes ST
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    Dog - Hey
  • 10
    Carnivore - Captain is awake good morning!
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    Dog - Zuko tries to taunt me with toys while I'm working to get me to go play with him instead
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    Dog - This is his excited face
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    Table - teenyet CHAPPY 13TH ITHDAY My boy is 13 today ATPAS
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    Dog - My sister's dog looks like snoop after a fat joint
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    Dog - the fox and the hound


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