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Tiny Helpless Calf Gets Rescued And Learns How To Love Humans And Hugs

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    "I got a call from someone who raises cows for the meat industry. He said that there was a disabled calf in very bad condition and asked if I wanted to take her," Inbal, Tohar's caretaker, told ICanHasCheezburger. "I got there straight away. When I was at the farm, I noticed another calf trying to suckle from her mom and the mom was laying on the ground, dead."

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    "I told the guy who owns the farm: I'm not leaving without her. I knew that no one else would take care of her," Inbal continued. Luckily, after insisting, she managed to get both of the calves into her care, but sadly, not both of them survived. "I left with both of them. The disabled calf didn't make it through the night."

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    Still, she kept taking care of Tohar who was only a few days old at the time. "I fed her special milk every 2-3 hours and later switched to solid foods, like hay." Because of the horrible conditions she was kept in, she had to be treated before she could even undergo the hernia surgery that she needed, but eventually, "She was operated by special surgeons from an animal hospital, who treated her with a lot of respect and kindness."

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    Today, after being in the good hands of Shanti farm for long enough, Tohar is healthy and thriving, and not only living happily but also providing comfort to the visitors and the other animals on the farm. "Tohar gives a lot of warmth and love to the other animals on the farm and to the visitors. She likes to play with her friends, even with the chickens, and be hugged, and always gives attention to the new animals arriving at the farm, like Rian, a one-month-old foal with a broken leg that had just arrived."

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    "she will be here till the end," finishes Inbal. "She's a very special kind-hearted creature. In a way, she's also an ambassador. People see her playfulness and kindness and think 'this is what I consider food?'" 

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    We wish Tohar a good and happy life, and we hope that she will continue to provide comfort for other animals in need as well. A special thank you, of course, we would like to give to the incredible people at Shanti farmfor the work they did not only with Tohar but with every single other animal at the farm. What you're doing is incredibly admirable, and we are so lucky that people like you exist in the world. 

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