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Funny Moments Any Cat-Parent Can Understand (Memes And Tweets)

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    Sky - Dax ExclamationPoint 4 @Daxclamation · Apr 24 If you've never been woken up by your cats just yowling from the other room then running loudly for absolutely no reason at 5 am you must not have a cat...... #catmom 27 1 12

    They say that cats have a connection to the other side and can actually be in contact with ghosts. This is what makes it both terrifying and hilarious when my cat suddenly zooms around the house for no apparent reason. I don't know who is visiting but they seem to like playing with my cat.

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    Sky - Elle M. (they/them) @elle_em · May 9, 2018 Cat: that's a nice boob you got there. Be a real shame if someone were to step directly on it and then not move, putting all their weight on a single paw. O 107 27 3.4K 11.3К Show this thread

    It's true! Speaking as both a cat-parent and an owner of boobs, neither the nipples nor the entire boobs themselves are safe. Whether you are in the way or your boobs are blocking their access to your neck or arms, they will find a way to get themselves comfortable or where they need to go.

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    Clothing - Me: *sees a cat alone on the street and brings it home, afraid that mom will be mad* Mom: "We can keep him until he finds a new owner": u/candle_cat5 *Me *My mom
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    Font - Pinned Tweet Casey Grim @aCoupleofN3rds · Jan 24 Me, asleep in bed: *slightly adjusts leg* My cats: the energy became incredibly hostile here? I'm just gonna go...would rather sleep on the couch than deal with ur disrespect. 11 27 429 1.2K Show this thread
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    Cat - When you pet your cat 4 times instead of 3
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    White - orion carloto @orionvanessa · Apr 23 documenting my cats cuddling throughout the day is my favorite pastime 38 27 1.4K 10.3K <]
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    Cat - Zee @growingupzee · Apr 23 Dreaming of a world where every cat has a loving home, and every loving home has a cat. #CatsOfTwitter 48 27 391 3.2K
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    Cat - me: *opens a bag of crisps* my cat: is for me? made with mematic
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    Cat - Posted by u/Freyas_Follower * 1 month ago S 283 I need advice. My cat has taken to perching herself on the dresser and asking riddles to passerby. Please tell me how to deal with this. Familiars
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    Sky - matt @Lubchansky · 4h having two cats instead of one is more expensive and double the pain in the ass but occasionally they'lI be sitting kind of near each other in a room i walk into and i'll get to say "oh, hey guys" and in that moment it's worth it 49 27 309 5.7K
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    Sky - Dec @lovelycans · Nov 29, 2019 My girlfriend speaks to our cat in French and I speak to him in Irish. It's a proxy war we wage. She aims to coerce him with bourgeois imperialist ideals while I nurture his true fenian calling 109 27 7K 68.1K

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