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Top 25 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #194

  • 1
    Furniture - OfficeCat is on the job MARAOH

    Of course, office cat never actually gets any work done, but it stays the company's best employee all the same. Why? For the joy it brings, of course, and because it caught that mouse that found its way into the office last year. For that, office cat will be this month's best employee every month. 

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  • 2
    Product - are you sure vacuums Can't climb?

    It's hard to argue with their solution when it comes to the problem that they are facing. They'll find out that vacuums can't climb, and we'll find out - the hard way - that allowing our cats to climb the curtains for even just one second is like sealing our fates for the rest of our cat lives. 

  • 3
    Cat - I nose love when I see it.
  • 4
    Vertebrate - Mother and daughter reunion
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  • 5
    Font - izstill heer? oh gud, i thot i gotted losted. ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM LLo!
  • 6
    Cat - happiness is an unattended sandwich
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  • 7
    Food - Ah, the age-old cat dilemma: knock 'em to the floor one at a time, or just dump the whole dang plate?
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  • 8
    Cat - human making his way to the kitchen three whole minutes ahead of the meal schedule
  • 9
    Dog - I knew I should've bought the cowprehensive insurance!
  • 10
    Cat - ljust changed my computer password to "Alcatraz DO00 Now my escape key won't work TOANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM Ge
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  • 11
    Jaw - Purrfectly logical
  • 12
    Dog - PRE 50% stop that, puppy. why dontyou go chew the human's shoe?
  • 13
    Hair - hao dare she run da bakume wyle ahm takin mah tenth nap todae
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  • 14
    Carnivore - funnycatsite.com Whadda u mean where did these come trum? The wind blowed them here, Officer OSouth West News
  • 15
    Cat - What. what is this? Iclimb all the way up here to steal from your plate and you think THIS is worth my effort?
  • 16
    Cat - Imet my wife 20 years ago at a Scrabble tournament. This year, we're going to renew our vowels. ICANHASCHEEZEURGER.COM
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  • 17
    Cat - funnycatsite.com Wantz up NOW!
  • 18
    Cat - We are family.
  • 19
    Cat - anybody have advice on what to do with your tongue after accidentally licking a puppy?
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  • 20
    Dog - O Romeo, Romeo! Is your head still stuck in the door Romeo?
  • 21
    Carnivore - "All Quiet on the Westing Front" funnyCATsite.com
  • 22
    Cat - attention all can openers attention all can openers we have an ongoing lack-of-tuna situation irepeat: ongoing lack-of-tuna situation immediate action required *ahem*hem* is this thing even on? *coff*
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  • 23
    Smile - INDOCEMENT INDOCEMENT EMENT ME someday soon, she'l have the best, most comfortable lap in the whole wide world. until that day, we need to keep practicing.
  • 24
    Cat - Unlike my high-tech friends, *I* still am smarter O than my phone. DEF 3 ABC 2 5 し下で
  • 25
    Cat - psst-iz we batzor katz? dependz on lhao we feel todae

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