Girl Gets Chastised For Wearing 'Revealing' Pajama's Near Younger Brothers' Friends

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    Font - r/AmltheAsshole + Join u/bsosiwhwhess · 3h 1 AITA for letting my brothers friends see me in pyjamas?

    Even the title is off-putting for this post. It's pajamas! Are we expected to care about how we look in pajama's now? It should be the one outfit that doesn't get judged, they're just for ourselves. But apparently, that's not enough.

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    Font - I 17f have a brother 14m who had a couple friends staying round 14-15m and they were staying in the living room.

    So this teen has a 14-year-old brother who had friends over for a sleepover, which took place in the living room. Well, the living room is a common space, so it is expected that eventually, she will have to come down at some point to grab something, right?

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    Font - Now it was like 11pm I went down to get a snack wearing a short pyjama set covered all that's necessary.
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    Font - I got what I wanted and went into the living room to say hi beurre going back up. Literally just being friendly.
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    Font - My mum sees me coming up stairs and calls me into her room.
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    Human body - Where she starts saying it was incredibly inappropriate to not only go downstairs like that.
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    Font - But I "knew what I was doing." Going into them. So nice knowing my mum thinks l'm the type to want to put on a show for a couple of 14 yr olds. 4 179 3 1, Share 47
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    Font - snickers2120· 2h Partassipant [1] NTA - 1. It's your home, you should be comfortable in it. 2. The boys are old enough to control themselves and their actions/thoughts. 3. Boys/men/people will have thoughts about others bodies/figures no matter what they wear; this is not your fault nor your issue to solve. 4. Mom needs to check herself and her way of thinking; "boys will be boys/girls should protect thy modesty" is archaic and a huge pile of BS. (That's my take on her reaction-not saying
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    Font - XcarolinaXx • 2h NTA - it's your house, you should be able to walk around in it without any issues. I've dealt with the same thing your mom is doing to you. It's best not to pay much mind to it. G Reply 4 55 3 ...
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    Rectangle - Lenaballerina · 2h Asshole Aficionado [11] NTA, and that kind of attitude is how victims end up being blamed for being assaulted. G Reply 4 51 3 ..
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    Rectangle - The_Auditor • 2h Partassipant [2] NTA It's literally just pajamas, your mom needs to take a chill pill Imao G Reply 仓 32 3
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    Rectangle - strangeloves · 2h NTA that's sexist as hell G Reply 4 34 3
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    Font - RealConcorrd · 2h NTA, it's not like you were wearing lingerie around the house, it was cloths you sleep in. Your mother sounds like the kind of person to ban sleeveless shirts because the TEACHERS constantly LOOK at the TEENAGE GIRLS' shoulders. G Reply 1 31 3 ...
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    Font - ThrillDr1 · 2h Asshole Enthusiast [6] If the pyjamas cover as much as or more than your summer clothing you were fine. NTA. G Reply ...
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    Rectangle - rumor33 · 2h NTA your mom is body shaming you and its not cool G Reply 1 18 3 ...

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